Monday Makeup Review-The Eye Concentrate

Makeup Monday Product Review for Professional Makeup Artists

Review for Crème de la Mer- The Eye Concentrate 

So what’s all the hype about Crème de la Mer? Let’s take a look at The Crème de la Mer product, The Eye Concentrate and how it can be used by professional makeup artists.

The Eye Concentrate is said to hydrate, diminish lines, reduce discoloration and puffiness, smooth out uneven texture and tone. Hydration in the eye area is a important for actresses and models when dealing with close ups. Generally the eye is the first thing we see so it must look amazing. For professional makeup artists purposes its great for hydration but its also great because my high profile clients are familiar with the brand and are comfortable knowing what I use on them, is what many are using at home to keep there eyes in prime condition.

Many of my clients I see in varying degrees so it’s hard to say whether there is an improvement with just the one application they receive from me if they aren’t using this at home on a consistent basis. What I do know as a result of working with many different people and not just celebrities is that everyone has been in favor of The Eye Concentrate.

For those of you who haven’t used this product I will give you a short review. The Eye Concentrate has a pleasant smell, clean and reminiscent of all things oceanic. The texture is light and absorbs fairly quickly. The product is a white cream encased in an airtight dark glass container. It claims to be ultra hydrating. The applicator enclosed with the product feels nice against the eye area especially on a hot, dry day and protects skin against dragging or pressing too hard with your fingers. Over time on a personal level I have noticed a difference in hydration, diminished lines and a smoother texture around my eye. Now remember, this is my opinion of the product your opinion and results may be different.

The definite subtle scent is good for your makeup case when keeping in mind your clientele can be very sensitive to overpowering smells.  I generally try to keep all the products in my kit consistent with the fragrance free or light scent rule.

Now I will share my pet peeve about the product.  The applicator is great for personal use, but awful for multiple client use. I use disposable applicators when pulling from the jar or a sanitized metal spatula. On a personal note I suggest keeping the applicator in some sort of enclosed container to protect it against contamination and dirt. The applicator really should have come with some sort of protective case given the purchase price.

Now let’s discuss the price. Everyone always has something to say about how much it costs. On the average it is $165.00 for a .5 oz container. Yes it is a lot to spend at one time for the average person to spend on beauty products.  For those who are using the product on a personal basis, consider this, if you are using a .5 oz jar that is $40.00 each month, then essentially you are using the same amount as what it takes me to go through a personal jar of The Eye Concentrate and equates to $41.25 per month. There is the difference of the $1.25 extra per month for which in my mind is the cost of the applicator that still should have come with an enclosed container, but I digress… So does this fit in your budget?  And will it do what you need done? Those are the questions you need to ask yourself. For me, it fits my budget, my clients love it and it does what I need, so it is staying in my kit. Love it, keeping it!


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