Monday Makeup Review-PTR Lashes to Die For MASCARA

Monday Makeup Review for Professional Makeup Artist and Makeup Lovers

Review: Lashes to Die For THE MASCARA –Peter Thomas Roth

I bought the PTR kit Wink and a Kiss set for $65.00 but really wanted to review each item separate so today I am concentrating on just the mascara because there was a lot to cover here with just this one product.

It has long been said that the eyes are the window to the soul. And if that is the case the lashes are the velvet curtains we want framing that window.  Initially I thought this was just another mascara, but what I discovered, is this formula really does give you “Lashes to Die For”. Don’t get this confused with the product Lashes to Die For which claims to dramatically enhance natural lashes over time with the use of the product.

Lashes to Die For-THE MASCARA is a deep intense BLACK, Jet Black to be exact as it is labeled on the product. It has a smooth consistency typical of other mascaras but what is different is the formula. The product claims to be:

Clump Free

Provide even separation

Dramatic length

Enhanced curl

Soft Lashes

Buildable drama

Quick drying


Long lasting


With all of these claims I had to put it to the test. So here is my analysis of each claim.

Clump free- Yes and No. If you apply it carefully it is clump free. I tried this product using disposable mascara wands AND the wand that came with the product. Obviously as a working professional I use disposable on my clients and this is primarily how I will use it. With the provided applicator it was clump free on one eye and slightly clumpy on the other eye using the disposable wands.

Even separation-I do believe that it provided even separation using the provided wand. But not so much for the disposable wand.

Dramatic Length-Yes for both.

Enhanced Curl- Yes for both although using a lash curler would make more curl than what I got just using the product.

Soft Lashes- Hmmm…I really had to think about this one because putting a product on your lashes coats them and therefore it really isn’t soft. I have to disagree with this one. I will say that throughout the day they didn’t feel hard as a rock like other brands. But soft I have to disagree with.

Buildable drama-I wholeheartedly agree with this. The product performs great in this department. You can layer it on but I suggest not more than a couple of coats unless you are using the brush that comes with the product.

Quick drying- Yes. It really is quick drying. I noticed that right away. It’s shall we say Fast and Furious Quick!

Smudgeproof- Yes again! Smudgeproof!

Long Lasting- Yes again to this. It stayed all day. I did notice at the end of the day after wearing it for 10-12 hours that there were little flecks that came off on my hands if I touched my lashes. I have sensitive eyes and tend to wipe underneath or near the lashes and noticed that miniscule mascara bits were left behind. So contact wearers be warned!

Water Resistant- Ok so here is were it drove me crazy. It is water resistant. And at the end of the day when I went to take the mascara off it took several eye make up remover applications and lots of rinsing to get a very clean eye. On the one hand that means the mascara is great probably for brides and maybe a rainy day. But knowing a lot of my clients like to take of their makeup after acting it would take longer than what they would feel comfortable sitting around and waiting for to get their eyes to be clean. After a 10 hour day, who wants to wait another 10 minutes to get just the eyes clean?

I want to mention few points about the brush in this mascara. I love the brush. It has two types of bristles, a long set and a short set. The long set is there for lengthening and the short set is there for volumizing. It’s a good combination and would be great if we could buy those in disposable wands. Anybody up for the challenge? Let me know because I would definitely buy a case.

Another point that is important for me to mention. So listen close! There is macadamia nut oil in this product so if you are allergic to nuts be warned! I haven’t heard of any other company using nut oil in a mascara so this is a first for me. But I definitely want to point that out. For that reason alone I have to probably say I won’t keep it in my kit unless I am sure my client does NOT have an allergy to nuts. I don’t want to take that chance. There are a few other key ingredients such as Bamboo, Silk powder, Aloe Vera, Vitamin A, C, and E as well as Pro Vitamin B5. Cosmetically, Pro Vitamin B5 or panthenol as it is also commonly known, is used to soften and aid dryness in hair, skin or nails. Nothing else stands out as a warning factor for allergies that I noticed, but check to make sure for yourself.

So overall it’s great mascara and I have to say that I love it, keeping it BUT only for certain types of shoots and certain clients.

VERDICT: Love it! Keeping it but only for certain things.

A big thank you to OneRiver Media for their photos and use of the studio. Check them out at .


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