How makeup continuity on set can help your beauty workflow.

As most of you know, there is never enough time to leisurely complete your work when you are on set and there is a workflow of 4 actors deep. When you are working on a multi-day commercial where the scene needs to have a look where it is shot in the same day, then you should keep a log of what you used on each actor to keep the continuity of the look you established.

If you are new to working in film, video or television, the concept of continuity may be an unfamiliar term. Continuity in the makeup department is specific to keeping the look of the actor in the scene consistent when it is shot over several days. As the makeup artist, it is your job to provide the EXACT same look every time that scene is shot regardless of the day, time, location or conditions when you are working with that specific actor.

What I have learned is continuity of clothing, hair and makeup can jumpstart your day if you have properly documented your choices. Having a good worksheet to document the actor or model’s face can help you quickly reach for the product you need without requiring you to think about what you would LIKE to do and get you to do what you MUST to do.

It saves time knowing straight away the exact product you need to apply to achieve a look. Pre-planning is the key to making your workflow easy and consistent. Every makeup artist is different with how they create their continuity worksheet and because of this I will give you the basics of what I think is a good foundation for creating a worksheet. (In a future post I will create a resource section that has a copy of my continuity worksheet. But for this post the basics will get you started in creating your own.)


Actor’s Name_______________Character Name___________________


FACE Preparation



EYE PRIMER_______________________________________

LIP PREP_________________________________________

FACE Products






Now that you have the basics, it’s easy to customize this to create your own sheet.  Continuity commercial shoots can be easy now that you have what you need to get started. Feel free to post comments about what you use on your continuity worksheet. There are a couple of programs and places you can go to get these sheets if you don’t want to create them yourself but I find that it is just as easy to create and customize your own, specific to your workstyle.

There are stickers that you can buy such as this example from Alcone:

The UPS shoot in a previous post was shot over two days and I used  my worksheet to save me time to get the actors ready and out on set for them to rehearse.

TIP: Separate your actor’s products into a specific bag with their name on it for easy set up each day.


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