Monday Makeup Review-“Chanel Exceptionel Mascara”

Chanel Exceptionel Mascara performs it’s magic!

Lately I have been on a quest to find my favorite mascara and I have gone through half a dozen in the past week alone. My other mascara makeup review yielded a good product but I need something that works with disposable brushes, which led me to purchase another product to see if it would get the job done.

Exceptionnel de Chanel Mascara is the latest review worthy product of the week.   I’ve tried Chanel products before and love the quality, colors, and performance which makes this mascara particularly special to review.  This products claims to lengthen, separate, volumize, curl, is water resistant and flake free. Whenever a product claims to do so many things I am immediately skeptical and feel compelled to check out the facts. So here is my latest fact checking post…

Lengthen- Yes it lengthens and has buildable coverage that makes your lassh long and your eyes sparkle. I like what it does so far but let’s keep checking…

Volumize- Yes! The product creates a plumping effect on the lashes individually without clumping or causing the lashes to stick together. Overall the lashes look lush and full and this is with one application initially and then I tried it again with two applications of mascara. So glad there is no clumping, Chanel is staying in line with producing a quality product.

Curl- The masacara does give a slight curling uplift to my lashes without having to use a lash curler.

Water resistant- it does resist water from both a casual occurrence such as rain and a deliberate action such as splashing the face. (I wouldn’t swim in this makeup. It won’t stay on. I tried rinsing one eye with water and it smeared which it should since it is not claiming to be waterproof, it is only claiming to be water resistant. I will cover the debate between waterproof and water resistant and regular mascara and their purpose in a different post.)

Flake free- The formula hasn’t flaked, smudged, or left residual product on my eyelids from blinking or rubbing.

Removing the product takes only a minimal amount of effort which is nice because the less tugging and pushing on the eye the better it is in the long run to keep the skin taut, firm and line free. This is definitely a great product for a professional makeup kit since there is minimal amount of work required for removing the product at the end of a shoot if necessary.

The color I tried is a deep black, but it is available in three colors, Smoky Noir 10, Smoky Brun 20 or Smoky Marine 30. (There used to be a fourth color the Smoky Plum but they discontinued it, which is really sad because it was a really pretty color and would make brown eyes lighten and stand out.)  The mascara has a smooth creamy consistency that yields a nice soft but dramatic look to the eye. The product applies the same with the brush provided in the tube as well as the disposable brushes which is a plus. I am using the really fat disposable brushes, not the square head brushes, and this makes a difference with application. I just wanted to point that out.

There have been numerous claims that the mascara dries quickly and dries out quickly. You absolutely must close the tube tightly to keep the product creamy. If you purchased a tube that is clumpy before using it once or if it seems dry before using it, you have a defective product and should return it. Yes the product does dry quickly on the eyes which is a good thing because this is how you create buildable coverage. Letting your mascara dry in between coats helps volumize and thicken the lashes, but be careful when adding layers so you don’t create clumps. It takes a skillful hand to add layers without clumps. Thus one of the reasons so many people complain that their mascara is clumpy. Two coats of this can go on with no clumping if you take the time to apply it carefully.

The price is high for this product but it delivers what it says it will deliver. After all it is Chanel and they are known straight away for a high price tag.  So if you have the cash then by all means get this mascara, it’s a great one.

VERDICT: Purchasing one for the kit and keeping one for myself.


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  1. While Chanel products are expensive, their mascara is so totally worth it! I love the smooth application and it is surely the best black on the market!


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