Behind the Scenes- 24hour Fitness Video Promotion

Last Friday and this past Monday I worked on the 24 hour Fitness promotion video.  Yes it’s true, our whole crew worked on Memorial day. I didn’t even realize that it was Memorial day, when I booked it, since I had been working so much the days sort or ran together.  In the TV/Film/Video industry sometimes working weekends, early mornings and 10-14 hour days isn’t unusual. So forgetting it’s a holiday wasn’t out of the range of normal for me and so I worked and all was well.

Our spokesmodel Monique V. has been the person of choice for the past few years for 24hour Fitness. She is not only the spokesmodel, but also a fitness and figure champion as well as a fitness trainer with an extensive clientele in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It’s always great working with people who are professionals in their industry. It makes the day go smoothly because they take care of the preparation work on their end and come ready to work and get the job done.

Monique had 17 scripts over two days to prepare for and most of the time she captured what was needed in one take. Yes…she’s that good.

Their has only been one shoot where I wasn’t able to work with her on a 24 hour fitness shoot because I was booked somewhere else so it was great to catch up and try out some new looks on her for this shoot.

Primarily this video is to promote the 24hour fitness clubs and their amenities so the focus had to be on both Monique as well as the spoken content. Making sure that she has a look that is both captivating and healthy but not too overly made up is what we aimed for an achieved.

I’ve included a few pictures in this post of what we used on Monique to get her look.

And once again since it was shot over 2 days we had to maintain continuity. (I wrote about this in another post titled “How makeup continuity helps your beauty workflow”.

Another tip regarding continuity that I may not have included in that post that I want to share with you is about lipstick. Because the shirt for 24hour Fitness was red we needed a lipstick in the same tone.  I mixed a few different reds together with a hint of brown to get the color we needed and then obviously saved it in a lip container for use on the next shoot. Keeping the color is an instant time saver, since I didn’t have to remix what I used nor try to remember to get the right ratio of color mixtures.

So when you know you are shooting over a few days mix enough for several applications as well as touch ups for all the days. The other option is to use 1 color from the tube and use that tube for all the shooting days. But remember unless you were a part of the preproduction meeting you may not have the time to get a lipstick dedicated to this shoot. Which was my reason for mixing a color.

Here is a link to one of our video’s from last year.


Thanks for following the recap of my workday with 24hour fitness.


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