Get Smooth Skin for Summer

As the summer months are approaching quickly everyone wants to get smooth beautiful beach worthy skin. So how do you find the right products to get what you want?

First analyze your skin and determine what really needs attention. Review the questions and solutions best needed for achieving the results you desire. Yes, it’s that easy!

QUESTION: Do you have rough and scaly patches of skin?

SOLUTION: Exfoliate and moisturize. There are several products out on the market that exfoliate the skin and leave you with touchable soft and smooth skin. Your other option is to use a loofah or exfoliating mesh ball. Pour your favorite liquid body gel and rub in circular motion. Remember there is no need to rub hard. The loofah or mesh ball is effective enough without pressure to smooth out rough patches of skin.

QUESTION: Do you have dry areas of skin?

SOLUTION: The type of moisturizer you should use, should be determined by several factors, age, skin type and condition of skin such as sensitive or acneic. After moisturizing choose a thick rich emollient cream to deeply penetrate the top layers of the skin to hydrate and leave the skin dewy. Look for a product that is rich in humectants. Humectants attract water and increase the moisture level in the skin.

QUESTION: Are you concerned with skin protection?

SOLUTION: The best and least expensive protection is clothing. A broad hat that covers your face and especially your ears is a smart choice. Many people forget that ears need protection too as well as the tops of your feet when wearing sandals. The other option is a physical sunscreen or a chemical sunscreen. It may seem complicated but here’s the easy way to understand it. The chemical sunscreen absorbs the UV light and the Physical sunscreen reflects or blocks the UV light. So you probably are thinking, which one do I use? The short answer is to choose one that you are going to wear consistently to ensure at the very least you are protecting your skin. Until my next post about the difference between chemical versus physical sunscreen check out these websites for more information.

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