Monday Makeup Review – Makeup Remover Wipe

Product –

Make-up Cleansing Tissues by Absolute! Vitamin C Extract and 

Make-up Cleansing Tissues by Absolute! Green Tea Extract

If you wear makeup, then of course you need to take it off, at sometime or another. Always on the search, for an easy way to remove makeup for my clients as well as myself, I found a new company called Absolute! They sell two different options, of the make up cleansing wipe, Vitamin C Extract or Green Tea Extract. The Vitamin C Extract has an orange – lemon scent and the Green Tea Extract smells like subtle green tea with a hint of jasmine.

The product claims to thoroughly remove eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick, blush and waterproof mascara without causing irritation. The company didn’t mention anything about removing foundation, and I’m not sure why they hadn’t thought to include foundation removal. The wipe is about 5×7 in size, which is large enough to remove a full face of makeup. The wipe itself is actually really soft and both scents are wonderful. So far the product seems good.

The first wipe I tried was the Vitamin C Extract and it removed foundation, lipstick and blush really well. It did not however remove my eyeliner or waterproof mascara without a serious struggle. I tried circular motion, back and forth in a straight line and came away with a big mess around my eye. It removed only about 40 percent of my eye makeup, which mainly included the eye shadow and still left a lot of dark residual liner and mascara. Needless to say I was not happy. What I thought was to be a quick makeup removal process turned into an ordeal involving eye makeup remover AND a separate makeup cleanser to get a clean face.

The Vitamin C Extract makeup remover wipe I believe is only good for people who are light makeup wearers and those who don’t wear makeup but want to refresh their face throughout the day. This is not a product that I will carry in my kit for professional use. But I do think it is suitable for refreshing throughout the day. My suggestion for this one is keep it in the beach bag or the gym bag for days you don’t have much makeup to remove.

Still on the quest for a good makeup remover wipe a few days later I tried the Green Tea Extract cleaning wipe. You might wonder why I tried the Green Tea Extract makeup cleansing tissue, after knowing the Vitamin C Extract tissue didn’t meet my requirements for removal. Well, let me shed some light on the reason for you. Every product is not made the same. More often than not it isn’t just the scent that makes the formulation of a product change. Manufacturers also change the ingredients and the ratio of products.

Strangely enough, that is exactly what happened with this product. The Green Tea Extract works wonders for removing all face makeup, including waterproof mascara without a struggle and without irritation and the scent is heavenly! It’s a keeper and made up for the double face cleaning duty I had to perform a few days ago. One piece of advice I want to share, is after using the makeup wipe rinse your face with water to remove any cleansing residue from wipe. Your face will feel clean and prepared for the remainder of your beauty regimen.

This is a keeper for both my professional kit as well as for personal use when I travel. (Just to be clear about this, I have not accepted any type of compensation for this review.)

Verdict: It’s a no go on the Vitamin C Extract wipe except for the beach and the gym.

 Keep, love, buying more of the Green Tea Extract, so those of you I work with, you have a choice of the unscented makeup remover wipe of the Green Tea Extract.











  1. Ok so I have tried so many things to remove makeup after a long day that I don’t want to get up and wash my face I hate it specialy because I wear heavy mascara so even when I wash my face I have to remove all the black stains arround my eyes with a make up remover and nomatter what kind of pads tissue cloths I use it alwais leaves rashes on my eyes and it hurts so much so anyway I try the makeup removing wipes and well I came across these absolute wipes I got them at a low cost brand store on clearance I always buy a different pack every time I go so I am verry happy to say I found a great wipe that I will keep I come home and I wipe in bed all my makeup and fall a sleep and im not saying it will work for every one but my skin is the worst I break out out of nowhere plus my makeup changes every day but it wount hurt to try maybe it will be good for u too plus it only 2 bucks depending where u get them.

    • It sounds like it works well for you. Which scents have you tried? Thanks for sharing!

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