Behind the scenes- Sandhill Corporate Print Shoot


Earlier this week I worked on a corporate shoot with photographers Rob Baker and Dan Diaz shooting for the client, Sandhill Global Advisors. It was a two day shoot, which was nice, since I knew I would be in the same place two days in a row. As most freelancers know, traveling from one place to another can be mentally exhausting. So two days back to back in the same location was great.



It’s not often that working on corporate shoots are enjoyable and run smoothly, but these two days at Sandhill were efficient and pleasant.

Jane Williams, CEO, founded Sandhill Global Advisors in 1982. Her company has one of the best corporate cultures that I have had the pleasure of working with as a freelancer. Her team of financial consultants and administrative staff are knowledgeable and savvy. I really enjoyed getting to know the people behind the company.


There were eight people a day, usually only one per hour, which made it run efficiently for each session. Working on location usually has its difficulties and this session was no different. Finding an area to place the client to keep them out of the sun, and a shady place for my makeup kit was on of my biggest challenges.


Here in California after a week of rain we were graced with a balmy 72 degrees.  Sandhill Global Advisors location has a beautiful courtyard. The basic concept for the photos for this company was set in the outdoor garden courtyard and provided a little shade but not in the areas we needed. The photographers set up a sun shade for their area and I found a spot tucked away in a corner for the client. My makeup case unfortunately stayed in the sun for a bit, but luckily I didn’t have product melt down issues. That would have been an expensive and messy disaster!

Some great makeup products that were shared with me on set from one of the employees at Sandhill were by Urban Decay. The blue really looks different in the case compared to on the skin. I really like it. I think I might have to put it on my makeup shopping list! Another great product was the Stila backstage palette. Great colors for people with brown eyes.


Because the company is rebranding, I will only add photos that are associated with production and will not add photos that contain the employees at Sandhill Global Advisors. To protect their rebranding process you can check them out when they reveal it on their scheduled marketing timeline. Otherwise enjoy the photos!





  1. This looks like it was really successful two-day shoot Suzette! I wish we could see the clients B&A, which is always interesting!

    • Hi Joy!

      Yes it was a great two days! I will post some B&A, good suggestion for either a new section or a post!

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