5 Ways to Prevent Summer Makeup Meltdown

5 Ways to Prevent Makeup Meltdown for Summer

Summer is here and nothing can frustrate a makeup wearer more than the summer heat. Ever notice that some women have makeup that appears flawless and others look as though they went through a car wash? Well here are 5 ways to prevent summer makeup meltdown.

1. Wear minimal makeup that is WATERPROOF or WATER RESISTANT. The ingredients in waterproof and water resistant makeup can wear better and longer through heat, sweat and tears.
2. Use blotting papers to keep your face refreshed. The blotting papers absorb moisture on the face leaving a matte finish. Blotting papers come in a variety of different finishes such as regular, powder in various colors, oil absorbing, blemish and oil control. Choose one that best fits your skin needs.
3. Use an oil free sunscreen that blocks the UVA/UVB rays. Choosing an oil free sunscreen gives your skin an initial start at controlling the oil produced by your skin and keeps the shine to a minimum.
4. Wear a lip stain. Lip stains do exactly what they imply; they stain your lips in the color of your choice. Lip stains will stay in place and wear longer than a lipstick or lip gloss and are one of the best options for fighting the summer heat.
5. If you choose to wear more than the minimal amount of makeup than choose lighter colors. Lighter colors are more difficult to notice when they wear off during the day. Dark colors have a tendency to crease and wear during the day, which can result in a less noticeable summer makeup meltdown. If you must wear a dark color then remember to wear waterproof or water resistant.

Keep your cool and remember these tips for a fresh polished look in the summer. Let me know what you did to keep your beauty cool factor this summer and leave a comment.

Photocredit: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=2125


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