Monday Makeup Review- Sally Hansen High Def Nail Color

Makeup Monday Product Review for Professional Makeup Artists

Review for Sally Hansen High Definition Nail Polish

I love the way polished nails add a finished look to any outfit. And trending right now is bright nails for summer. I saw the Sally Hansen High Def nail polish and thought the bright yellow would be a good addition to my polish collection. Sure this product has been out since 2009 but a good product is still a good product, right??

Sally Hansen makes a good medium priced polish that is widely available so I thought this product would be good for review. First off you must be wondering how a nail polish can be High Definition? The short and long answer is “It’s the color”.  All the high definition shades produced by Sally Hansen give a bright true color for each shade. What you see in the bottle is truly what you get on your nails.

The product is a thin lacquer that goes on smooth. To achieve an even manicure, apply a minimum of two coats. Now for the really important part that I didn’t do, USE a basecoat! So do as I say and not as I did. Unfortunately I was so enthralled by the color that I immediately put the polish on and fell in love with the color and I kept polishing each nail instead of stopping, starting over and using a basecoat. Despite the lack of basecoat, I did achieve a brilliant color and manicure. It is long wearing and doesn’t chip easily. To ensure a good long wear, I would suggest for every manicure, apply a top coat.

Verdict: Keep, Love and buying more!

Thanks to OneRiver media for their fabulous photography! Visit them at !


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  1. Very summery color, you wear it well Suzette!


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