Behind the Scenes-Huawei

Today was a double shoot day with two different groups. This post is about the company Huawei that I worked with in the afternoon.  Great people on the team at Huawei. Everyone was so nice and friendly, such a treat to work with a great group of people. It was so busy I didn’t get a chance to take many photos of the people I worked with but here are the two ladies that were scheduled at the end of the day. I enjoyed meeting them and talking about all different kinds of facial products. One that I must mention is a new nail polish that apparently changes color in the sunlight. Pretty interesting. I will definitely have to do some research on that and see what it’s like.

Nice lighting set up for my makeup area, compliments of the photographer, Patrick. He is a super great guy, very easy to work with. He made all of the ladies at Huawei look great in their photographs and really put them at ease.

I have to mention too, that he had on this great shirt. Before I tell you what the design is, I will post the pic and you can scroll down for the answer if it isn’t already obvious.  Here is a little more information about this shirt. The company Threadless, creates t-shirts based from designs that you submit and vote on. Pretty cool concept if you are a t-shirt lover. Check it out. This was definitely one of the cool things I discovered today.

Today was a really long day. Two shoots in one day is something that I rarely do and will not do for quite sometime again. But it was worth it. I’m  glad to have met a bunch of new people and  I always enjoy learning new things from everyone I meet. Tomorrow I am going to post about my first photoshoot from the morning, since I am working with that group again tomorrow.


Cheers! And thanks for checking out today’s short but fun post! By the way the t-shirt is called “Duck Tape” in case you didn’t figure it out. I thought it was quite clever.


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