Behind The Scenes-Victorian Print Shoot

Today was the second day of a two day shoot. Quite an amazing day of events. We had two models and 2 hairstylists and myself as the makeup artist for both. It was really hectic trying to complete two sets of makeup looks without hindering the shoot. Luckily I worked with one of the models yesterday, which made it easier to create her look since I knew her face. The hair team did a great job creating the braided looks for each model. I wish that I had taken images of both hairstyles but it was busy enough just getting my looks created for each person. Kris, the hairstylist flew in from Utah and Brenda the other hairstylist is a local in the San Francisco Bay area. Below is a picture of Kris and myself.

Suzette and Kris

The clothing was amazing. I wish I could show you full images of both but alas, somethings must be kept private. But I can show you a few behind the scenes images to give you a little glimpse of how inventive, creative and fun this shoot was to be a part of.

Both models

I did get  a few amazing shots of the wardrobe and accessories. There were so many accessories and changes involved in this shoot. All the small details really made the whole project come together and tell a great story. The feathered hair piece, ball gown, equestrian boots and many other pieces of apparel were gorgeous. Such a fun time!


Amazing Gown!

I love this gown. The front of this dress has an uplifted front hem that really showcases a pair of lace up Victorian boots that I wish I had photographed. Nevertheless the image gives you a really good impression of how interesting and fun this shoot was.


To create the looks for both I used so many brushes in m kit to prevent cross contamination. Carrying that many brushes in my kit seems to be a bit overkill until you realize that you are running out and waiting for brushes to dry is cutting into your creative time.

The working makeup kit.

This shoot has me inspired to do some other Victorian themed shoots. I’m a big fan of Steampunked so I’m thinking hard about how I want to manage this project and what locations would be best to use. Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing my journey of the days events.

I will leave you with a quote that I learned from my new friend Ann, “Live life widely along its length.” I learned so much from this amazing, courageous, genuine, smart and beautiful woman. So glad to have met her. The other great moment of today was an idea exchange between Lillian and I. We both agreed that no one should ever be made to feel ashamed of who they are, what they love or where they came from. Thanks Lillian for the great conversation as well as your insightful and thoughtful words.

Freelancing  really is a great way to  meet an connect with  lots of people and learn so many new things. I am truly blessed to see the greatness in life as well as the greatness in each person I encounter.


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  1. great quotes…love those looks!

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