Monday Makeup Review- Hempz Body Butter

Product Review: Hempz Body Butter

Hempz Body Butter

Hands are a vital part of a makeup artist’s service for her clients. Taking care of your hands is important and having soft, hydrated hands when applying makeup is most important when touching the face. Knowing this, I thought it very important to look for a product that would be good for personal use as well as for the makeup kit and the manicurist kit as well. I wash my hands a lot and this is one of the only products that keep my hands soft, smooth, and hydrated after repeated hand washing.

I have used other Hempz Brand products and love the feel and richness of the product. This particular product, the body butter is a thick crème intended for ultra hydrating and moisturizing dry rough patches of skin. I love using it on hands and feet. It is a light white-yellow color and has a very fresh clean scent. It is especially great for the manicurist/makeup artist kit because the scent isn’t over powering. The scent is comprised of Cucumber, Jasmine, Passion fruit, Plumeria and Violet. It also contains Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil and of course the infamous Cannabis Sativa Seed extract, better know as Hemp Seed extract. The Hemp Seed used is 100% organic which is great since there a very few products out on mass market that have this claim. It is THC free, which is the psychoactive element in cannabis, therefore this product is completely safe and albeit edgy to those who may play it safe in life and fear trying the product because of its name and contents.

The ingredients in this product work together nourishing extremely dry skin without feeling greasy or heavy. It’s a great product in the winter when skin is really in need of extra hydration. If your skin is constantly fighting the dryness battle then you will want to use this year round. I tend to use it more for the hands and feet during summer and all over body use during the winter months. In the summer to keep my manicure and pedicure fresh looking this product does wonders for hydrating the cuticle without dulling the shine of the polish. Anyone who invests time and money on a manicure and or pedicure knows that using the right product that won’t destroy the shine of a newly applied polish will love this body butter.

A little of this product goes a long way because it spreads so easily and is very thick and creamy. It comes in a nice handy travel size (that I use in my kit), which is the 1.5 ounce or the back bar size in 8 ounces. The eight-ounce size I have at home for personal use lasts a long time and I haven’t finished going through the whole jar yet. It’s been approximately 7 months and I have about half a jar remaining. So you can see that a little really does go a long way.

This product can be used with both male and female clients, although some male clients might feel the scent is too much for their masculinity. The good thing is the scent doesn’t last long. Most of my male clients haven’t had a problem with it but every once in a while I do have someone ask about the scent. I do however, usually tend to choose products that do not have scents for this reason. But because this product works so well I give it a thumbs up for efficacy for both male and female.

**SPECIAL NOTE FOR MANICURISTS** This product can help eliminate a step and hydrate the cuticle bed without adding the oil if you are pressed for time. But remember you still have to prep the nail before applying the polish. Recommend this product to your clients and they will love you as well as the product. It’s that good!

Verdict: Keep, love and recommending it.

Thanks to One River Media for photographing this product. For more information about this company go to Tell them I sent you!


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  1. I love the Hempz body butter , it works great on my dry skin. I will continue to use this product often … Thanks to your blog!

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