Glitter, Fruit and Bright Nails

Glitter, Fruit and Bright Nails

Orange slice and glitter

What do all these things have in common? This trio of glitter, fruit and bright colors are all the rage for nail fashion in summer. Popping up everywhere from celebrities to bank clerks, everyone is showing off their creativity.

Nail art certainly isn’t anything new, but this season nails are getting more attention than ever before.  Recently in the New York times, nail fashion received coverage because of its relationship with the United States economic decline. Really? Who thinks this stuff up? But after reading the article, it made sense. But why write about it? The article garnered a lot of criticism, ranging from “great trend” to “nail polish is trashy.” But what it really comes down to, is freedom of expression and understanding cultural trends.

(Read the full article here: )

The article by Michelle Mismas states, “nail polish is the new indicator of the economy.” During the heart of the financial

Hot Pink

trouble, women still wanted to feel glamorous but couldn’t afford to do a full beauty treatment day. But Mani-Pedi’s provided a quick beauty fix at an affordable level and gave rise to a new creative outlet in troubled times.

I agree with Ms. Mismas, that affordable beauty such as nail polish can provide a great way to inject color in your life without breaking the bank.  Not everyone will go for the trend but having the freedom to choose is really a part of the American experience. Having said that, now be warned that there will always be someone that doesn’t like what you wear and will verbalize their opinion.

Purple glitter

It’s unfortunate that often times people push their opinions off on others, as though a certain elite group creates the rules, and everyone else is a lowly minion and must follow

suit. Be yourself, doing anything else is just living vicariously.


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