Need, Want, Love! Versace Fall-Winter 2011

This year’s Fall Winter Versace collection I found a few things that I love! Not sure that I will be getting any of them but who knows! I am a huge Versace fan and do own a lot of Versace by way of clothes, handbags, sunglasses and probably a few other things stashed away in my closet that I forgot! Sounds indulgent but I like quality pieces because they last longer and are made incredibly well and fit divinely!

I love the two button side detail on this dress. It really makes a normal detail unusual. It is definitely different than anything I else I own and has a pop of color to add a little something to my otherwise dark wardrobe. Anyone know the joke about going in my closet turning on the light and everything is still dark!?! Ok, funny or not I am trying to add bits of color here and there to my wardrobe. I’m usually not big on yellow but if you have seen my previous post then you know that I did the nail review and chose yellow because it was completely different. It was fun but I’m not sure I will have it show up again on my nails this summer.

Now here is a dress that is 100% me. I love the shoulder detail and the two center button details as well as the side zips at the waist. I’m big on having pockets in clothes at the waist because I am constantly putting my hands in them because it really feels comfortable and its a great way for me to relax for just a moment on a busy day. Which seems to be everyday! Especially lately. Ok, I digress, back to the dress…I haven’t seen the back of this dress but I am hoping there isn’t a purple and yellow flower like on the back of the other one. I really like monochromatic and it makes this dress much more versatile  for me if it is one color. I guess I will have to wait and see. Having written this, I am having second thoughts about dress number 1 in this post. I am sure that it is because I am so used to solid colors that my mind is reverting back to the daily habit!

Moving on…

Of all the things I don’t need, a black jacket is one of them! But when I saw this little number I couldn’t resist but put it on my list of Need-Want-Love! Seriously calling my friend in the collector’s department about this jacket. (So if you are reading this post, I would love to get the specs on this jacket. See you soon to pick up my other “Need-Want-Love” purchases!

Noticing a trend here??? Black. Yes, black is my favorite color. I do have a lot of black and white but why should I deviate from something that looks good on me? Shouldn’t we all  indulge our whims sometimes???

In addition to loving this dress, I love the shoes too. Not sure it they are actually something I would buy and wear. But they certainly look good on the runaway. I’m just not so sure if I want to be the fashion show walking into my office or heading into the studio!

Love the bags from this collection. and the belts in black and white are pretty cool too! Belts are another must have on the list right up there next to pockets! LOL!

I have completed my shopping list with the Versace Fall Winter collection for 2011. Looks like I have almost everything but shoes! I guess I will save the shoe shopping list for another day. Thanks for sharing my Versace shopping journey. If you want to see the rest of the collection here is the link:

See you on the next Need Want Love shopping spree!


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