Life after grief

5 steps to returning to work after grieving for freelancers.

After a short hiatus due to family issues I’m picking up the blog thread and starting up again. It’s hard when a family member passes away. Sometimes it’s difficult to do anything but the main priorities. So during my grieving process for my grandfather and a friend I received some great tips to get me back to work with peace of mind. This is in no way a means to solve grief. If things go on you should definitely seek counsel of a physician. This post only concerns what helped me to get back to work. As a self employed freelance professional I have the advantage of reporting only to myself and deciding when to return to work. There is a distinct disadvantage of working for yourself as well…procrastination and wallowing in pity or grief. So the forthcoming tips are what helped me get going.

1. Focus on the daily tasks. Get dressed, eat something, get the mail. Take things moment by moment until you get to the next hour. This process may go on for a week or so but trust in the process.

2. Once you get to the next hour stage you can begin to do things for other people. Doing something for other people is a good way to focus on something else. Cook a meal for a friend in need. Make a card, plant a flower, or build something and give it away. During this stage you realize things come into your life for a reason and go out for a reason. Put yourself back in the process to pick up the momentum of life. It feels good!

3. Be grateful for the little things in life and the time spent with loved ones. Take pen to paper and jot down those great things in life. Here are mine…

My list of gratefulness:
A clean place in which to live
Food to eat
Access to clean water
Meaningful work
The ability to continually self educate
Giving back to the global community in prayers and money, but most importantly in good works.

Remember to enjoy the moment. Like the old adage says…stop and smell the roses!

(I’m smelling my roses in Chicago at the Bahai House of Worship. I’m in Chicago for a production. Finished up doing the coordination for crew working for Mckesson at the Palmer House Hilton. And yes it’s the same company I worked with in Houston and San Francisco, but for Chicago I was production coordinator for OneRiver Media. )

4. Get back to your schedule and go to work. It’s hard but once you reach the point of doing it everyday gets easier. Make small goals for yourself at work to keep your focus. Some days will be hard but do your best. It’s all anyone can and will ask.

5. Plan for the future and set your sights on something you have always wanted to do but always put off. I have finally started doing things on my “Bucket List” and have had an amazing time!

(Places I have checked off my list of visiting or doing in 2011, Germany, Baha’i Temple in Chicago, running the Bay to Breakers in my Princess Leia costume, and so many more. I wish you a new journey if self discovery and adventure!)




  1. I wish I could do more than give you my sympathy. I missed you and was wondering what had happened or where you had gone. Blessings to you and your family. And it’s great to hear from you again.

    • Thank you! It means a lot to know How connected the people in the world really are.

      • So true, and I lost my grandmother this summer, so I can relate. I was very grateful to have had a chance to see her before she passed on. Take good care and be well!

      • It’s so nice to hear other experiences about how they cope with loss. Was it hard on your business?

  2. One step at a time…

    • Very true. Thank you for your comment. It’s nice to know people will share information with each other. I’m heeding your advice.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather Suzette. I’m glad you are back working. 🙂 I do love your gratefulness list. Health is always on top of my count-my-blessing list. Whenever I’m down, I remind myself to always be thankful for what I have…starting from my health, my sight, my ache-free body…these are things no amount of money can’t buy. Take care! 🙂 Sunray

    • Thank you Sunray! So glad you like my list of gratefulness! Hope to see you soon!

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