Leaving a fabulous 2011 for an even greater 2012

The end of a great year! Goodbye 2011!

The year is coming to a close and as I look back on all the things I accomplished this year in 2011 I am really happy, blessed and satisfied with the outcome. Thanks to everyone I met along the way who encouraged me to do more, be more and experience life to the fullest. You are my inspiration!

I have met some amazing people this year:

through twitter, @joysilk @hatsyt @jazonblaize @davewaite @tiagreen @mamarazzikknows @mariab_mua @beautfulnhseyes @onevoicesmiling @iondigital @bfrye26 @HTandE @jackiemort @kendalbutler @donaldberube @PhillipPressPlat

and I would love to connect with you on twitter too! Not just as a follower but as a real connection. Tweet me @suzettemariel for PR/ Business related  tweets @suzette_mariel for Fashion /Beauty and appearance tweets or @geekettesuzette for all things geekery and tech related with a little Star Wars, comics and anime thrown in for good measure!

through Facebook,

while visting Costa Rica,

at Nordstrom in the Collector’s Department,

through  EJ Sports, LLC baseball camps for Spring, Summer and Winter

through video shoots at Cisco, Huawei, 24hr fitness, UPS. McKesson and more…

through photo shoots at Mills College, Sandhill Global Financial, Craig Morey photography and more…

through commercials at Ravelco, Saba, BST and more…

through televison at ESPN (especially John Kruk! And of course I didn’t forget you Karl Ravech), ABC, NBC, Versus

and at the Balenciaga Gala Event. It was my pleasure to meet you and look forward to getting to know you a little more!

I visited some great places too!  I had these on my list but didn’t really think I would get around to traveling to them this year so it was a win win to be had all around!

Vancouver, BC Canada



Houston, Texas

Chicago, Illinois

Costa Rica

Nevada (Yes, it was Las Vegas for the millionth time, but its still FUN!

Paramount Studios back lot, in Los Angeles

Comikaze Expo- Purchased some great comic books too by the way!

I reached some goals that have kept me on my path to living a very fulfilling life.

I blogged more.

I spent more time with friends.

I finished holiday shopping early.

I ziplined for the first time this year. Love it, and will do it again.

I rappelled down a waterfall for the first time. Love it,  in case you were curious.

I read almost a book a week this year.

I watched less television.

Completed several Journalism classes to keep my skills up to date.

Attended several PR seminars, and learned a lot.

Hello 2012! I can't wait to see what greatness you are bringing!

I am sure that there are lots of things that I neglected to mention but for right now I am completely thrilled with sharing all the things that came to mind for this post. 2012 is definitely a year for more great things to come. And to give you a quick hint of what’s in store, my first video blog post will air on January 18th, 2012. Stay tuned to learning more about how I can help you build a bigger business and make a bolder impact on your market. My next upcoming venture is a special invitation to an Experts Academy seminar in New York City, an esthetics convention in Long Beach, Ca., NAB in Las Vegas and my annual trip to Beijing, China. Lots of fun things on the calendar for 2012.

I would love to hear  your accomplishments for 2011 and also what you have on the horizon for 2012. Leave a comment or tweet me @suzettemariel , looking forward to connecting!

All photos by: Salvatore Vuono



  1. What a great year! Onward and Upward Suzette!
    Wishing you the best of health, and abundance in 2012!

    Joy Light

  2. Suzette, what a fabulous post, it sounds like you’ve had a wonderful year ! So great to connect on Twitter ~ here’s to a stellar 2012 !!

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