Obsessions of the Month – December 2011

Ever wonder what your current obsessions tell you about what you like? After reading a blog post ( from a twitter friend of mine @HTandE ) who posted their current obsessions, I loved the idea. It sparked my thinking about the things that I use a lot and why I like them. So here are my current obsessions!

Grey sweaters- I have lots of grey cashmere sweaters, not particular to any brand. As a matter of fact I have lots of grey things in general. But what is really strange is that I actually love RED! You wouldn’t know unless you have seen my blog and visited my house, because I really don’t wear red that often. Although I did just purchase a fabulous Red patent handbag from Longchamp and matching shoes AND boots to go with it. Ok surely, I digress since this is supposed to be about grey sweaters. On any account I will still buy more grey sweaters because it keeps me from having too much black! I turn the light on in my wardrobe and its still dark in there because of all the black! LOL!

Via Christmas Blend from Starbucks- Yes right now I am obsessing over these little packets. It saves me time and gets me going in the morning. So for those of you who saw my tweet this morning that was the coffee I had with my much anticipated cake. But for those who saw my Facebook (FB) I realized that I was all out of cake and had to settle for pan-cake. But, I will be making cupcakes tonight!

Via Coffee- Christmas blend 2011

Tea- Ok, ok, I know you are wondering how is it that I like coffee and tea? Well most days I drink coffee in the morning to get me going, and then switch to tea in the afternoon. This tea is a Japanese brand, Lupicia. http://www.lupiciausa.com/   One of my favorite blends is the Green Tea/Grapefruit. It smells heavenly. My other all time favorite is Joy from Starbucks. And if you send me a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) I will send you a random tea package that I am currently obsessing over. But here’s the deal you have to follow me on FB and twitter and let me know that the SASE is on its way. I like to prepare and make the package extra special.

Red cups– It is the holiday season and what better time to spy red cups to add to my collection? I recently found an adorable red tea cup to add to my collection. Yes there are a few mugs in my collection but I love them equally as well. After all I did mention I love coffee too!

My favorite red cups.

Tshirts- I have been acquiring quite the collection of one a day tshirts from TeeFury, Tilteed, and Wootshirt. Here are my two of my favorites. Check out @bfry26 on twitter and check out his massive collection.

Tshirts in my favorite colors!

AppleTV- I love it for its versatility. Need I say more? Ok, I will. It plays Netflix, WSJ, YouTube and more. But, it can also be used as a coaster, for placing my tea cup. It works as a paperweight for holding down, well paper of course. And it also looks nice as decoration.

Candles- I love candles from Bath and Body Works, but not just any candles.  My current favorite is Fresh Balsam and Stress Relief. The former smells like fresh trees in a German forest surrounded by mountains and the latter smells like a breathe of relaxation in a Zen garden outside of Kyoto. Check it out if you need a whiff of vacation in a jar.

Books AND Magazines- This is not a recent obsession this IS AN  ALL  TIME obsession, of which I guess I should have listed first. But well its here now. So let me explain…I have loved books ever since I was very little, and tend to buy as many as I can. Which is quite a lot! Magazines, however are sort of a recent obsession, not recent as in a few months but a few years. (Time is relative of course!) Amazon was having a sale and so was Magazines.com so of course I stocked up. After all being in PR I need to stay on top of lots of industries. I ordered Harvard Business Review (actually I renewed this one), Vogue, Town and Country, Popular Science, MacLife, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Yoga Journal, Marie Claire, Backpacker, Photography, Essence, Latina, SUCCESS, Entreprenuer, Fortune, Boston and I’m sure a few others.

And if you want to read more about obsessions, check out this link, http://herethereandelsewhere.com/post/14971320364/current-obsessions from Bryan @HTandE , he’s the one that gave me the idea to post about my obsessions to. So “Cheers” to Bryan!

Stay tuned for next month’s obessions. I’m liking this idea so much that I may have to do it monthly and see if I am trending in some area!

What are your current obsessions? Do we share any?? Would love to know. Tweet me @suzettemariel or leave a comment below. Pictures are always welcome. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

My obsessions are telling me that I like to read while drinking out of a red cup when I wear a grey sweater! Thanks for reading my current obsessions!

-Suzette Mariel


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