What I learned from JLo isn’t what you think

Jennifer Lopez

What I learned from Jennifer Lopez’s relationship

Jennifer Lopez has had many relationships, but the relationship I learned from the most, is her recent one with Fiat. If you haven’t seen the commercial then you probably aren’t familiar with her most current endorsement campaign. (See links below.) It’s causing quite a stir amongst activist groups.

Fiat, an Italian car company, chose Jennifer Lopez to promote its new car the Fiat 500.  Iveco, a Fiat subsidiary produces vehicles that the Iranian government uses for brutal executions against a vast number of people from different groups. If you have been keeping up with the current situation in the Middle East then you probably are aware that Iran has been attempting to create an illegal nuclear weapons program and has knowingly oppressed the Baha’is, and violates the rights of many other private individuals and groups.

Fiat 500

The group United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) publicly addressed Jennifer Lopez to “reconsider your decision to serve as a prominent spokesperson for Fiat. By renouncing your ties with Fiat, you can send a clear and unequivocal message to irresponsible corporations that doing business in Iran is unacceptable. In so doing, you would also be lending your powerful voice and support to the people of Iran who are suffering under the brutal Iranian regime and seeking to promote peaceful democratic change in that country.” She has been given until the 18th of January 2012 to present her response.

This incident isn’t the first surrounding the Fiat campaign that JLo has had to deal with. The commercial itself creates and atmosphere of Ms. Lopez’s love of New York, the city she grew up in. The problem is that the commercial was purportedly filmed with a body double in New York and the remainder on the West Coast. After this information was released many people in New York felt deceived because it wasn’t authentically portrayed.


Hollywood constantly sets up the aura of reality while being disingenuous. Despite this fact we all still continue to watch movies. I can, however, understand the feeling of being deceived when hearing JLo profess her love of New York but choosing to film in Los Angeles. Regardless of the reason it does seem to give rise to irritation and the feeling of lip service to a place she states she loves. Despite that fact, Singer/Dancer/Actress/ Mom  is still talented and proves to be a box office draw.

I admire Jennifer Lopez in some aspects of her life but in others I sit back and wonder what was she thinking? Did her PR company give her all of the information?  Did she do this campaign because of the money? Did she do this endorsement because of wanting more fame and recognition? She isn’t too different from what motivates the rest of us, which is why I won’t give in to any Jennifer Lopez bashing. To be clear I am in no position to judge her, nor is any one else, which is not what this post is about. This post is about the things I learned from her relationship with Fiat.

Her Fiat campaign is steeped in problems on multiple levels. Which is a red flag indicator for me to learn from its fiasco. Learn from other people’s mistakes lest you make them yourself. I have never been in the position to endorse an entire campaign but have been asked to endorse products in exchange for use and product credit for films, commercials and fashion shows. It’s important to do the research on the companies and see if the product is in alignment with what you stand for in your value system. Nothing should compromise what you believe and no amount of money or recognition or free product is worth the public scandal because you didn’t investigate the opportunity enough. This year I am determined to do more research on the opportunities that await me. What are your thoughts on the matter? Feel free to tweet me @suzette_mariel or @suzettemariel or leave a comment below. I look forward to connecting.




Fiat commercial with Jennifer Lopez

(Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deNRiBQiQ3Q)

(Part 2-alternate version- http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=KkDbMT4R3y0&NR=1)

Behind the Scenes_


Letter to Ms. Lopez from UANI





  1. Excellent insight as usual Suzette, I would never have guessed, but when I watch with an eye for detail, she’s not in the frame! However, I must say: JLo’s makeup is exceptional as always!


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