Obsessions for January 2012

Obsessions for January 2012

It’s the end of the month; a time for me to review what I felt was a trend for me over the past 31 days.  It’s been a good habit for me to get into. I love the things I discover about myself. I find it interesting to see what changes through the months when I track my obsessions. So here goes my obsessions for January 2012.

Silk-  Anything silk. For those of you who have checked out my Pinterest, silk clothing is all over my Styleboard.  I did break down and buy a silk shirt I saw. Let me know what you think. I generally don’t wear blue a lot but it seemed like a nice addition.  And a few other silk things but these two shirts made the top of the list for posting this month.

Blue silk dot blouse

Silk tunic

Tea has been a big obsession for me this month. Maybe it has something to do with being sick a few days this month but I have always loved the taste. Sometimes I have my tea with sugar and milk and sometimes lemon and honey. Either way tea makes me feel warm and happy. Yum! I am totally obsessed with tea from Lupicia. It’s a great tea company from Japan that has hundreds of specialty blends.

Sweaters. Warm and fuzzy. Long sleeve short sleeve. Cashmere, cotton. As long as it was warm I loved wearing it. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to take photos but hopefully next month for February obsessions I will try to capture images from the month.

Chocolate Organic Animal Cookies I’m obsessed. Everytime I walk past the bag I absolutely have to take a handful. They are available at Whole Foods in case you are curious.

Chocolate Animal Cookies! YUM!!!

Twitter chats. I had a twitter chat session for #PR and for #bookplan. If you haven’t tried one you are in for a treat. Participate when you want and connect with some great people. Sending shouts out to:

@daniellelaporte @lindasiverstein @kellie_brooks @JaneOfAustralia @simonethinks @priscillafowler @jill_rowe @jennyYVR @LaVonneEllis @gracenote @katiehillmsn @cherrybranchsf @summerhillsbb @mirandawebb @encouragebeauty @jenniferbhart @couercou @staceycurnow @gingermoran

Tweeting about the SOPA/PIPA issue. I tweeted at least 25 times about this issue and posted on FB as well as changed my avatar to “Stop SOPA”.

Pinterest- Lately Pinterest has been my stress reliever. If you have used this social media site then you know the different boards and categories that can take you worlds away from where you don’t want to be. If you are looking for an invite. Post in the comments and I will connect with you and get you invited.

Pinterest Logo

Thanks for reading my January obsessions for 2012. Let me know what you found yourself obsessed with for this month. I would love to hear from you. Tweet me @suzettemariel or leave a comment in the post below.



  1. I find my self easily obsessed with details and planning in January.
    I am fairly obsessed with regular developing a very natural regime for optimum health and fitness. Also obsessing about planning to be in the tropics at this time next winter!

  2. Suzette, I love this post !

  3. Thanks so much for the mention! It was great to connect with you too!! Looking forward to more connection in 2012!!

  4. Thanks for the shout out Suzette – this is my second visit to your blog, and I’m already in love with your “monthly round up” – love all things silk too 🙂 I’m really happy to have connected with you on FB as well after the #BookPlan Twitter Party. Cheers Francesca @SummerhillsBB

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