Get heart smart and have fun!

heart healthy by digital art

February is heart health month.

So what does that mean for you as a freelancer and solopreneuer? It means take a break during your  schedule and find the things that make your heart smile and do them often. (And yes if you can make your heart healthy too then it’s a double win situation!)

Schedule in fun time!

Schedule something fun that makes your heart smile at least once a week. Treat yourself and go out to lunch at a new place. Surprise your family and go to a movie unexpectedly. Fun doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be well FUN! Indulge in play time and blow bubbles, or take a dry erase marker and make happy faces on all the windows and mirrors at home.

You have permission! 100% APPROVED!

Give your self permission to get outside the office or off set at lunch time and get some fresh air. You have permission to relax. You have permission to have dessert. You have permission to hang up on rude people. ( And yes this happened to a friend of mine and I gave her permission to hang up. No sense in letting people take their frustration out on you.) Take permission in life for your happiness and move forward. You are approved to have fun!

image by digital art

Get eye-catching color!

Rejuvenate your dull daily activities with some color. Add a pop of color to your wardrobe or your work life or any place that needs color to improve your mood.

image by njaj

For so long I was using the standard silver paper clips and decided that for a few cents more, red was more uplifting and made me feel good about working.

Suzette's red paper clips!

It’s easy to get locked into a routine and that can wear you down. So use these quick tips and get motivated to smile more often. Let me know what you did to get happy, so post a comment below or tweet me @suzettemariel  I would love to see some twit pics or photos posted to my Facebook (  about the action you took!



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