#FF Follow Friday: Spotlight Focus on OneRiver Media

Every Friday, millions of people on Twitter send out their Follow Fridays. But have you ever asked yourself who are these people and what do they have to say about themselves in more than 120 characters? And how does what they do help me?

Heading over to their twitter bio is a great start, and sometimes some people have websites and we then click on that link and read about their business. But I wanted to know more. I wanted to reach the real person and find out their Who, What, Why, How and When information. Something that could make me take a second look and find out how their business and my business could connect and collaborate on changing the world. Even if that change only meant a change in how I saw a small part of the world.

Today’s spotlight focus is on small business owner, Marco Solorio of OneRiver Media a full service production company. To find out what he can do for you read below and head over to the website, follow him on twitter and other social media and make the connection.

Name: Marco Solorio
Business Name: OneRiver Media
Website: www.onerivermedia.com
Twitter: @OneRiverMedia
Number of years in business: 21 years in the industry


What industry do you work in and what sets your company apart from the competition?

I work in media production (creating video/audio content for broadcast, commercial, corporate). I think what sets us apart is our professional abilities in both creative and technical, spanning many service offerings; production, editorial, visual effects, 3D, finishing, interactive development, audio, original musical scoring/composition, and much more, all under one roof, in one workflow.

What tip would you give a new person starting out in your industry?

First focus on what you want to do initially (i.e., editing, visual effects, or 3D modeling/animation, etc.) and learn as much as you can, either by enrolling in a school program or by online tutorials (many cases the latter is better). Also being in school qualifies for EDU discounted software. From there, create as MUCH of your own work as possible. This will serve as both a teaching tool and a portfolio when you start interning or looking for work.

How did you get started in the industry?

I first built a small foundation of knowledge by learning stuff on my own as a teenager through books and current magazines. While in college, I got a job at Guitar Center in the Pro Audio department, which introduced me to some good contacts. From there I was freelancing in audio, graphic design and multimedia authoring, which led into some steady work as a chief engineer in a couple of recording studios. From there I started a partnership for a few years, until ultimately starting OneRiver Media as sole ownership.

What product do you think every business should have and why?

I don’t know that there’s one product that every business should have, but in my industry, doing your own research on what best works for your workflow environment within your budget is crucial. There’s a lot of technical snags that can quickly cause a halt in operations, so knowing them beforehand, or knowing how to solve them is key. I try to blog and help others about such snags when time permits.

What charity do you donate to and why is it special to you? (Include the link if you are interested in sharing)

I’ve always felt that kids, animals, and military support were at the top of the list. But recently my dog of 15 years passed away, and because of that, I’ve been thinking more about animal charities. We’re also in the early process of starting up a series of non-profit PSAs.

What is on your “NEED WANT LOVE” list to do in life?

On a more simplified scale, the need to produce my own creative content is essential for my well being. If I’m solely working on projects for other people/corporations, then I get a bit of a disconnect. So with that said, on my personal time, I enjoy composing music, shooting photography/video, producing animations and even playing with LEGO.

What trends are you following that interest you?

Right now the two big trends I follow are NLE (Non Linear Editing) software and professional video cameras. Both are making interesting strides and surprises. For NLE software (with the collapse of Final Cut Pro 7, which was the industry standard), I’m using and keeping an eye on Avid Symphony, Adobe Premiere, and from left field, Autodesk Smoke. For cameras, it’s Blackmagic Design’s Cinema Camera and Sony’s FS700.

Get more great information about production at the OneRiver media website. Thanks for checking out out #FF Spotlight Focus. Come back next week for a double dose of #FF Spotlight Focus, where we will cover two great people to follow.


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