Life needs a plan, what’s yours?


What fabulous achievements are you doing with your life? I ask because time seems to go by so quickly. It’s the second day of July and the year is half over. I look back over the past few months and think where did the time go? What did I spend my time on? I worked dozens of publicity shows, wrote quite a few blog posts, I hit my 1000th twitter follower, took a trip to Mendocino, CA, classes at UMASS Amherst, read a handful of books (a list to follow in part 2 of this blog), a trip to Genoa, NevadaToiyabe National Forest, a few fashion shows, several dozen video shoots, commercial shoots and photo sessions, volunteered for World Book Night, attended three funerals, was in a car accident (which unfortunately was four days ago…ugh, but I’m ok and no one was hurt) and thus my life over the past six months has been fortunate and I am very grateful.

My next six months is a whirlwind of activity and has lots of very exciting events scheduled. On my agenda is to revise and reprint my first book (The Athlete’s roadmap to college baseball, and for those of you who don’t know, I also own a baseball development company. (, I also plan to finish up my second book of which the working title is, “Millionaire Media Makeup Artist”, next I plan to revamp my website, introduce my product line and get my charity joint ventures up and running. And of course schedule some vacation time. Because with everything I mentioned that I have in the works I’m sure going to need a vacation!

There are a lot more plans that I have in the works and I will update over the next few months as I get them refined and delivered.

Having a plan is what gets you going to where you really want to be. Let me know what you have planned for the next 6 months.  Tweet me @suzettemariel, connect with me on Facebook – Suzette Mariel or leave a comment below and let’s achieve greatness!

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