Part 3 – Procrastination R.I.P.

Procrastination R.I.P.

You made it to Part 3 of Kill Procrastination.  Congratulations. It’s not easy to keep up the momentum. But you did and I am happy you made it here.

So let’s dive right in and get to what needs to be done today.


Now that you have made your list, it’s time to organize it and get it ready for following in an easy format. Because once everything is organized it’s easier to follow what comes next on the list and do it.

Look at each task and put it in a logical sequence. Let’s take creating your publicity campaign for instance. I’m going to create a random list of 3 items and then arrange them and explain how I did it.

Here is the random list.

1. Submit your press release.

2. Create a business bio.

3. Make a list of places you want publicity.

Here is the correct format for organizing these 3 items.

1. Create a business bio.

2. Make a list of places you want publicity.

3. Submit your press release.

Let’s look at number one. It’s important to create your business biography because it helps determine your business standpoint. It encompasses your industry, awards, contact information and product and services. Obviously there is more to it than this but for the purpose of this blog let’s keep it simple.

Number two is researching your list of places that you want exposure. Let’s take a children’s author as our case study. This particular author’s research list should be comprised of youth related places, such as Mommy’s groups, children’s bookstores, and toy stores. Therefore it makes sense to organize your list with the biography first, then pull your focus information from there, and lastly, determine where your publicity should be placed.

Your last item on this list, is submitting your press release about your product or service to the places you have researched. In this case we will use the children’s author again to make it easier to understand how everything fits in to place.  The author or publicist will send the press release in a timely manner to the mommy’s groups, children’s bookstores and toy stores. There is more to just sending out the press release but this gives you an idea of what to do, why you do and how to organize your workflow.

Once you have the organization of your list, break the items in to small achievable tasks to ensure following through on the activity. If you make your task too big you will feel overwhelmed. It you make the tasks too small it will take a long time to reach your goal. Finding a balance is what makes it manageable to kill your procrastination.

Once you have your organization list ready, contact me for how to get your publicity campaign underway. I look forward to the opportunity to help you achieve your greatness.

Thanks for taking this three-part journey with me on how to kill procrastination and jumpstart your workflow.I would love to hear your ideas about how you killed procrastination. Leave me a comment with your thoughts and stories.

Keep publicizing your passion! 


Memoriam by Simon Howden

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  1. Wow, I made it to step 3, this stuff works, Thanks, Edward Smith.

    • Thanks for going through the process and leaving a comment. It’s nice to know that I can help someone.

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