Two words that made me happy to lose my job… Giants Win!

No one knew that the Giants would sweep the World Series after having done so in 2010. But once again the hardworking team gave baseball fans an excuse to party. And as a result I am happy to say that I am out of job and loving it!

It isn’t often that as a freelancer I am happy to be out of work but when you sit back and think about it, there actually are some pretty cool reasons that not working is to your benefit. For example the situation I am facing today.

The San Francisco Giants swept the World Series in Detroit and are not returning to the Bay Area except for the Halloween Victory Parade on November 1st, 2012. And for that sort of publicity, I am not needed. Therefore, out of a job until next baseball season and we start all over again.

For a very long time I have worked with the San Francisco Giants in some form or another and have always eagerly awaited the return of baseball season. I wasn’t always a fan of baseball, but anyone who knows me personally knows how intimate with baseball I have become. (See my bio at for more information about my baseball business.)

Another really cool reason to be out of job as a freelancer is when a film project comes together and the martini shot is in the can.  Who doesn’t love seeing the end result of months and months worth of work?

Furthermore, another reason to be happy to be out of work is to evaluate your next adventure. It’s all about gratitude and seeing things in a positive light. I love that I am out of job because the Giants won.

The phone is ringing, must be my next gig. So much for being out of a job as a freelancer.





  1. What a wonderful post, and I’m sorry I’m so late getting to it. Yes, what an exciting Series that was! One of the greatest comebacks ever.

    As a freelancer myself, I can identify with the happy to be out of a job feeling. If you did a good job with something, it’s a pleasure to let go and tackle something else.

    Your work in baseball and film sounds very cool. Loved the dugout photo as well. Wishing you much success in 2013! : )

    • Thanks so much for your post. Doing your best work gives a sense of satisfaction and definitely allows you to feel good moving on to the next project. I enjoy being CEO Of Myself, both industries allow me to meet twice as many people and help how I can move them to new levels.

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