No cards for you at Christmas


No cards for Christmas, but that doesn’t mean I’m Scrooge.

I made the resolution years ago, to stop sending “Christmas cards”, but that doesn’t mean I’m Scrooge, anti-holiday or broke. What it actually comes down to, is less stress. And isn’t that what life should be about?

Sending out gifts or cards for a productive new year, is easier and less offensive then sending Christmas gifts and running the risk of offending someone’s personal holiday. In business its always good practice to include everyone. It’s also cheaper because you no longer need to get it there by December 25th with million dollar overnight postage. So I’m putting the American version of Christmas on the banned list and sticking with the more inclusive holiday of New Year’s.

A new mantra…I choose to live with less stress, enjoy life more, live better and healthier.

If you and I have made a personal connection and I have your address, chances are something is coming in your mailbox to kick off the New Year in a sparkling clean fashion. “hint, hint”

Regardless of the holiday you celebrate, I wish everyone a wonderful moment in time and a very productive, successful, happy and prosperous New Year!




  1. A friend referred me to this resource. Thank you for the information.

    • I’m glad the information was useful. Happy new year to you!

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