Hollywood Post Alliance gives you what you need to be current in production and post


Do you work in production or post production? And yes this includes you media stylists, hair designers, makeup artists and actors. This post is for you. This week I had the privilege to attend the Hollywood Post Alliance in Palm Springs, Ca.

If you work in TV, film or video you know how important it is to stay current on the latest information in the industry. HPA is the platform to stay current, be a part of making change, sharing knowledge with others and more. Massive amounts of tech information flowed from various stages and breakout sessions covering archiving data, working in RAW, managing workflow, IMF, audio, file based workflow, foreign language translation and the impact on TRT, higher frame and technical aspects, asset management in production, centralized broadcasting, workflow for mixing in Dolby, color correction LUTs and more.

As a freelancer, one of the great things about conferences is learning new techniques and tips for being more efficient in your workflow, managing systems, implementation of presented ideas, clarification of processes and introduction to new products and loads more. But what does this mean for the actor or the makeup artist or the sound guy who works at the local level and is a freelancer? Well, let me tell you, the higher ups who are making the policy decisions and updates will demand change on how you do your job. You must learn how new systems and cameras, such as the release of BlackMagic Design’s new Cinema Camera will or can input or output audio, how the BMDCC will change how you style hair, how technology can make acting in a dangerous scene safer through the use of CGI and other new industry developments that arise everyday.

Everything I’ve stated seems common knowledge, but believe me, many new people in the industry and a few veterans haven’t updated their toolkits and aren’t familiar with the changing landscape of the industry. Things are ever evolving and it’s our job to change and keep up as well.

Action Point:
Now is the time to dust of the old ways, build new skills or update the old ones. Check out what conferences are happening in your industry and attend them. Be a part of what’s happening, instead of letting life happen to you. Make it a goal to attend at least one conference a year.

National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in Las Vegas, Nevada is coming up next, will you be joining me there?

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