You, only better in 5 years


Yes, I have been missing in action from this blog and with good reason. It’s that time for realignment and development of myself and career. This post is all about moving forward and getting in alignment with where you want to be. 

I have often heard “It isn’t where you start, it’s where you finish.” But really how do you end up where you think you want to go? Especially in an industry as tough as TV and Film? 

Take my situation for example. I started in the world of film and television and am still in television as I write this. I started not at the usual place which is film school for most but as an Actress, TV Host, Writer, turned Hair-Makeup-Special Effects Artist, turned Producer/ Publicist. (And this isn’t the end point.)

I didn’t just get here by accident. I had a plan. And it’s part of this plan that I want to share with you and help you get farther, be more creative, and to challenge yourself to go above and beyond what you ever imagined.

I have worked all over the world, and with some amazing actors and broadcasters at the top of their field. I couldn’t be more happy…but, and yes there is always a BUT. I want more. To do more, be more and achieve more without overburdening myself and stressing myself out. And what is the answer to achieving that you ask?

I’ll tell you the answer…by asking some really good questions. And not just any questions, questions that get you to think about how you want to live and experience life both personally and professionally.

Take a look at these following questions. These are what I used to help me. Keep in mind that everyone’s questions will be different, because obviously we want different things.


What do you feel your life is like right now?

What do you want your life to be like?


Where do you want to be personally in 5 years? Own a home? Finish college?

10 years? Have a family?

15 years? Move to a different city?

20 years? Taking more vacations?


And then of course ask yourself the same questions of yourself professionally:

Where do you want to be professionally in 5 years?

10 years? At the top of your industry?

15 years? In a new position in the TV/Film world?

20 years? Retired?


Think of this as the start of your road map to where you want to be. Consider this a form of exercise in personal and professional development. Starting now will help you create the life you want doing the work that you love. You don’t have to be perfect and know all the answers. What is important at this stage is to just start. Start right where you are and explore where you want to be if you don’t already know.


For those of you who already know where you want to be check to make sure that you are still in alignment with what your goals are. And if your goals have changed redevelop your plan and take action. There are some amazing works to be achieved in the world of television and film. Where will you be? You will still be you, only better.

Share your thoughts on the matter and let’s make this happen.


To your success! Cheers!



photo credit: roadmap


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