Are you and OCD multi-tasker?


I used to be and OCD multi-tasker, before I learned the simple art of following through with one task and getting it done. I found working on one task would save me valuable time, desk real estate and piece of mind.

I admit it. I used to think being a multi-tasker was the greatest skill ever. How amazing it is that I can do so many things at once. I can talk on the phone, create reports, have a sidebar conversation with whoever was in my office, check my Iphone for the latest text from a client and drink coffee. Whoo-hoo, GO ME.

Then…some of the proverbial project balls starting falling on the ground as I started multitasking.  And it was hard to pick them up with out enough coffee in my system.

So I wised up. And did a little research and decided that I need to de-stress and delegate instead of diving into the fray of too much to do and so little time and doing it all myself. And as a result, I’m a better film producer, a more creative publicist and and a more artistic stylist.

To get on with what I learned:


  1. Multi-tasking leads to stress and burnout.
  2. Multi-tasking is inefficient.
  3. Multi-tasking will increase the amount of time to finish multiple projects.
  4. I lost my workflow jumping between different types of activities.
  5. My decision making slowed down.
  6. It was easier to get distracted by unnecessary things.


But my biggest reason for quitting my OCD multi-tasking was because my quality, and creative skills increased when I focused on one item at a time. Now that doesn’t mean that I only work on one project until it is 100% done. What it means is that I schedule tasks in blocks of time and work on specific areas of the project. And as a result I have several books in the works, films in the making, photoshoots planned and everything done one at a time. And what an amazing time it is to spend “being in the moment.” But that is for another post.

Share with me what you plan to do? Are you giving up OCD multitasking?



Check out some of the great articles I read:

Why Humans Are Bad At Multitasking

Multitasking Makes You Less Efficient: Study

Don’t Multitask Your Brain Will Thank You


NOTE: For the record my desk never looked this messy, and truth be told, this isn’t even my desk, but I hope it proves the point of how great desk real estate is when you need it. Cheers for a clean desk.










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  1. Great Post Suzette! Excellent advice, I find myself in a similar position, reclaiming lost real estate on my desk and in my brain!

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