Top 10 important reasons for small businesses and freelancers to start a blog

Blog! Start today!

Blog! Start today!


If you haven’t started a blog, don’t fret, start! Here are my top 10 crucial reasons a small business owner or freelancer should start a blog.

  1. Help people – Writing a blog is one way to help people solve a problem, overcome a challenge or introduce new ideas.
  2. Connect with your clients – Building a relationship with your clients is one way to improve the “trust” factor. It isn’t easy to get to know someone in a short period of time. But writing a blog is one way to share who you and how you do business, with more people in the same place.
  3. Attract new business – Writing informative articles on your products or services is a productive way of garnering new business. It lets the industry know that you have something that can help them with their tasks or problem.
  4. Make a difference – Make a difference with your blog by highlighting charitable works that you or your business supports. Do something that matters to the people in your industry and write about it.
  5. Share knowledge – Sharing your information, ideas and thoughts is the best way to help shorten the learning curve of new people entering your industry. It also shows your clients your range of knowledge about your industry.
  6. Promote an idea – If you have a good idea that you think will change the way something works or how to make a process more efficient, write about it. Promoting your ideas and how you solve problems is a clear way to change systems that are broken.
  7. Maintains Focus- Writing a blog is a surefire way to keep you focused on delivering new and timely information to your industry. Which means you must focus on learning what is new in your industry, thus keeping you relevant to the marketplace and attracting new business.
  8. Communication- Blogging creates an interaction between your company, your community, colleagues, clients, students and anyone with a serious or casual interest in your industry. Comments that are left from your blog’s visitors help you learn what your audience wants in regards to products, services, customer relations and more.
  9. Improves your thinking- Blogging helps you get clarity of your ideas and thoughts about what you do and why you do it. The more you blog the more you think about your industry and how you function within the community.
  10. Announces your accomplishments- Having a blog is a great way to announce accomplishments about the great things that you or your employees are doing in the industry.


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