Do you let your clients treat you like second hand clothes?

Don't let your friends or clients treat you like second hand clothes!

Don’t let your friends or clients treat you like second hand clothes!


You are valuable and unique and deserved to be treated that way.

But, sometimes we let people cross our boundaries and let them treat us any kind of way because we have a low moment in life and they catch us at a vulnerable time.

But that is no excuse for them to treat you like second hand clothes.

Several years ago, a person I thought was a friend told me that I work in the world of lies, because I work in Television and Film. And they caught me off guard and constantly pushed the LIAR button and continued saying that my work was worthless and made the world a bad place to be. Needless to say, I dumped that person like trash and never looked back.

And that is why it’s important to REFLECT. Sometimes, we allow venomous people in our lives and let them stay there.

Take a moment now, and see who is showing up in your life. Sit back and reflect about how people treat you.

How do the people in your inner circle show up? How do they treat you?

What about the people at work? How do they interact with you?

How do your clients treat you? Do you have a client that uses you for the low paying contract jobs and sends the great high paying exotic location jobs to someone else?

Now of course there are all kinds of reasons why people treat us the way they do. Maybe it’s a bad day for them or things aren’t going as planned and they are stressed and take it out on you. Those moments are temporary and kind of easy to let slide.

And then, there are the hell spawned people. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that spit hellfire words like a bad breath dragon. Those are the ones that need to be emptied from your life.

Pay attention to what you are allowing in your life. Really consider who the people are in your life and keep the great ones and dump the ones that need to grow a better attitude. It’s important to have boundaries and a strong vision for yourself. If you don’t have boundaries create some. It’s that simple. We only have one life, so make yours great and surround yourself with amazing people.



Live the imagined life fully engaged.


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Top 10 important reasons for small businesses and freelancers to start a blog

Blog! Start today!

Blog! Start today!


If you haven’t started a blog, don’t fret, start! Here are my top 10 crucial reasons a small business owner or freelancer should start a blog.

  1. Help people – Writing a blog is one way to help people solve a problem, overcome a challenge or introduce new ideas.
  2. Connect with your clients – Building a relationship with your clients is one way to improve the “trust” factor. It isn’t easy to get to know someone in a short period of time. But writing a blog is one way to share who you and how you do business, with more people in the same place.
  3. Attract new business – Writing informative articles on your products or services is a productive way of garnering new business. It lets the industry know that you have something that can help them with their tasks or problem.
  4. Make a difference – Make a difference with your blog by highlighting charitable works that you or your business supports. Do something that matters to the people in your industry and write about it.
  5. Share knowledge – Sharing your information, ideas and thoughts is the best way to help shorten the learning curve of new people entering your industry. It also shows your clients your range of knowledge about your industry.
  6. Promote an idea – If you have a good idea that you think will change the way something works or how to make a process more efficient, write about it. Promoting your ideas and how you solve problems is a clear way to change systems that are broken.
  7. Maintains Focus- Writing a blog is a surefire way to keep you focused on delivering new and timely information to your industry. Which means you must focus on learning what is new in your industry, thus keeping you relevant to the marketplace and attracting new business.
  8. Communication- Blogging creates an interaction between your company, your community, colleagues, clients, students and anyone with a serious or casual interest in your industry. Comments that are left from your blog’s visitors help you learn what your audience wants in regards to products, services, customer relations and more.
  9. Improves your thinking- Blogging helps you get clarity of your ideas and thoughts about what you do and why you do it. The more you blog the more you think about your industry and how you function within the community.
  10. Announces your accomplishments- Having a blog is a great way to announce accomplishments about the great things that you or your employees are doing in the industry.


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Celebrate National Old Stuff Day and Do Something Different!


Today is National Old Stuff Day! At this point you must be thinking what is it and why do Americans need a day for everything?

National Old Stuff Day has plenty of disagreement about what the day actually means, but here are the different meanings and you can choose for yourself:

National Old Stuff Day is…

– a day to stop doing the same old stuff and do something different in life.

– a day to clear out the clutter and make way for the new.

– a day to celebrate things that are old and dear to you.

To address the issue of Americans having days for everything I would like to think that it keeps ordinary lives interesting, teaches new things in extraordinary ways, brings awareness to the mundane and is just plain entertaining.

And on that note I’m going to celebrate National Old Day by doing a few things:

1. Do something new. See a new movie, cause after all I do work in the industry.

2. Value the old. (Hmm, this one is tricky, do I visit the experienced parents? Notice I didn’t say old, I said experienced, in case any family members are reading this. Or see an old movie like Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat, because today is also Dr Seuss day!

3. And clear clutter. I have tons of things I can donate and help give those items new homes.

Sounds like a win-win!

ACTION POINT: What are you going to do today?

SUGGESTIONS: If you work in TV, Video or Film, check out the newest issues happening and how they are changing your work. Or if you work in other creative areas see what new techniques or workshops are publicized and how it will benefit your business.

I’d love to hear about your efforts and share in the process. Tweet me @suzettemariel or leave a comment.


Hollywood Post Alliance gives you what you need to be current in production and post


Do you work in production or post production? And yes this includes you media stylists, hair designers, makeup artists and actors. This post is for you. This week I had the privilege to attend the Hollywood Post Alliance in Palm Springs, Ca.

If you work in TV, film or video you know how important it is to stay current on the latest information in the industry. HPA is the platform to stay current, be a part of making change, sharing knowledge with others and more. Massive amounts of tech information flowed from various stages and breakout sessions covering archiving data, working in RAW, managing workflow, IMF, audio, file based workflow, foreign language translation and the impact on TRT, higher frame and technical aspects, asset management in production, centralized broadcasting, workflow for mixing in Dolby, color correction LUTs and more.

As a freelancer, one of the great things about conferences is learning new techniques and tips for being more efficient in your workflow, managing systems, implementation of presented ideas, clarification of processes and introduction to new products and loads more. But what does this mean for the actor or the makeup artist or the sound guy who works at the local level and is a freelancer? Well, let me tell you, the higher ups who are making the policy decisions and updates will demand change on how you do your job. You must learn how new systems and cameras, such as the release of BlackMagic Design’s new Cinema Camera will or can input or output audio, how the BMDCC will change how you style hair, how technology can make acting in a dangerous scene safer through the use of CGI and other new industry developments that arise everyday.

Everything I’ve stated seems common knowledge, but believe me, many new people in the industry and a few veterans haven’t updated their toolkits and aren’t familiar with the changing landscape of the industry. Things are ever evolving and it’s our job to change and keep up as well.

Action Point:
Now is the time to dust of the old ways, build new skills or update the old ones. Check out what conferences are happening in your industry and attend them. Be a part of what’s happening, instead of letting life happen to you. Make it a goal to attend at least one conference a year.

National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in Las Vegas, Nevada is coming up next, will you be joining me there?

Connect with me on twitter @suzettemariel or Facebook and get the latest news on happenings in the TV, Film and Video Industry.



Happy heart day means love yourself too!


It’s Valentine’s Day and what better way to celebrate love than taking care of yourself? So often as freelancers and small business owners we work more hours than we do taking care of ourselves.

So today and at least once during each month take time for yourself and discover what you can do to honor yourself . Still not convinced? Check out this collaborative blog post that I participated in with 24 other business experts discussing extreme self care and why you deserve to help yourself first.

Share with me what you do to take care of yourself first. I would love to be able to implement your ideas and learn some new techniques. After all isn’t that what  life should be about, sharing, learning and exploring?

Feel free to decide what social media site works best for you to connect with me on:

twitter @suzettemariel or Facebook

5 great ways to start the marketing of your film


Film slate

I just finished 2 days of shooting a short film I co-directed and produced with OneRiver Media and prior to shooting I did some research to decide how best to market my film. Big name production companies have full PR/marketing departments to get the word out and create buzz for their project, but small indie films like mine have to do it all themselves. For a start here are five great ways to begin marketing your film.

1. Logo – Capture the essence of your film with a great logo. Never underestimate the power of a logo to create a visual identity that the audience will connect with. It must be something that immediately strikes a chord in the heart of the moviegoer. Pay close attention to colors that will make an impactful statement. Think of red for horror movies and blue tones for action movies.

Check out American Horror Story and their use of red in their logo. The use of red adds the element of blood and violence to its logo.

On the lighter side of things look at how Ice Age chose to use blue in its logo to define the edges and added a 3D effect to the font. The color capitalizes on the theme of water, hence the use of blue.

For more in formation about the uses of color, view this link

2. Trailer – Your trailer should be, in a few words, DRAMA, COMEDY, TENSION and MEMORABLE. Creating a trailer for your short film is one of the most crucial elements toward marketing your film. What you include and what you leave on the cutting room floor will determine if your audience will hand over their hard earned cash to see what you have to offer. Know specifically what category your film belongs to and cut the trailer towards that end result. Add key words from the movie that give the audience something to connect with and couple it with high impact scenes and you will have yourself something worth viewing.

3. Print/Marketing materials – Most movies have print and other types of marketing materials to create visuals that coincide with the film. Indie films should be no different in this respect. Create postcards, posters, stickers, standees or whatever to get the word out about your film. Create some promotional giveaways to entice viewers to connect with your social media and follow the films progress. Which brings me to, the use of social media for film.

4. Social Media Vimeo/YouTube – Creating attention online is a great way to gain attention and attract followers to your film. The big three, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are always a good start to get the marketing ball rolling. However there are more social media outlets available to garner attention. Check out the following and see how they might contribute to your marketing potential: Vimeo, Pinterest, Google+, Foursquare, Tumblr and Instagram.

5. Forums/ Groups/ Networks – The marketing fun doesn’t stop at social media. If you belong to any forums, online industry groups or online networks, these places are a great way to share your film. But a word of advice, don’t spam the groups with blatant promotional posts and links. Find a more subtle way to educate and entertain your colleagues by creating posts that share what your learned or challenges you had to get them interested in what’s on screen as well as behind-the-scenes. LinkedIn has a variety of groups available in the filmmaking community, as does Facebook. Choose groups that closely resemble the niche that you are involved with. Be active in the group and support other filmmakers works. Grow your network through engagement rather than solely relying on self promotion.

So there you have it, a quick sure fire way to start promoting your film.  I’d love to hear what you are doing to be creative in your endeavors, leave a comment or questions. Contact me for a setting up a private consultation to strategize for your film.


Go forth and be creative!



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Promotional poster of American Horror Story.

Promotional poster of American Horror Story. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Casting Notice- MALE ACTORS

Looking for one dark haired male aged 30-40 years old and one light haired male 50-70 years old for principal role in short film, primarily funded by Blackmagic Design and OneRiver Media. More info and updates on Suzette Mariel FB page.

Shoot to be held January 17-18, 2013 with the possibility of one other shoot date TBA. All locations shot within the SF Bay Area.

THIS IS A PAID, NON-UNION JOB. Pay scale is determined by experience. You will receive screen credit and financial compensation.

This film is scheduled for viewing at film festivals, the SF Supermeet, Atlanta Cutters, NAB, Hollywood Post Alliance Tech Retreat, Editor’s retreat in Cancun, Mexico, and various additional workshops and presentations associated with Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera.

Please contact if you are available and interested. Please submit a professional digital headshot, and I will get back to you with an audition time.

Include your name, email address, phone number, website if available, headshot, and a photo that shows your physique, and acting resume.

You may contact Suzette Mariel directly for more information. Subscribe to the Suzette Mariel FB page to follow the updates associated with this film, future projects, events and workshops.

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