Monday Motivation- Are you wishing?


Stop wishing! Go out there and take action!

Stop wishing.

Start doing.

Have you ever noticed in a conversation a friend says they wish they could do something? And then you catch yourself saying you wish you could do one of your long overdue goals too? It’s a no win conversation that keeps going on and on. Forever.

Get off that crazy conversation roller coaster and “Push the Go Button” inside your self. Jim Rohn an amazing inspirational speaker reminds us that if you are waiting for someone to show up and turn you on, what happens if they don’t show up? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Take some action and get started.

Even if you only take one tiny step in the direction of your goal you are one step closer to getting there. So get out there in the real world and find the book or person that can help you do what you have been wanting to do. Today will go by quickly and you can’t get it back. Start now. Start doing.

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Monday Motivation

Go MotivationID-100144417


Today you are one day closer to you goal

IF you are working towards it.

Do you have a plan for where you are going?

Do you have a plan for what you want to do?

Take 5 minutes today and think about what your plans are. If you aren’t deciding what you want in life other people will decide for you. This lack of planning will cause  you not  to be in control of your life. Go out and change the way you approach life. It’s your life. You get to decide.

Be different. Take charge and start today. I know you have what it takes. We are all given a talent. See what you can do with that talent and GO share it with the world.




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Photocredit:  Stuart Miles – Freedigitalphotos,net


Hollywood Post Alliance gives you what you need to be current in production and post


Do you work in production or post production? And yes this includes you media stylists, hair designers, makeup artists and actors. This post is for you. This week I had the privilege to attend the Hollywood Post Alliance in Palm Springs, Ca.

If you work in TV, film or video you know how important it is to stay current on the latest information in the industry. HPA is the platform to stay current, be a part of making change, sharing knowledge with others and more. Massive amounts of tech information flowed from various stages and breakout sessions covering archiving data, working in RAW, managing workflow, IMF, audio, file based workflow, foreign language translation and the impact on TRT, higher frame and technical aspects, asset management in production, centralized broadcasting, workflow for mixing in Dolby, color correction LUTs and more.

As a freelancer, one of the great things about conferences is learning new techniques and tips for being more efficient in your workflow, managing systems, implementation of presented ideas, clarification of processes and introduction to new products and loads more. But what does this mean for the actor or the makeup artist or the sound guy who works at the local level and is a freelancer? Well, let me tell you, the higher ups who are making the policy decisions and updates will demand change on how you do your job. You must learn how new systems and cameras, such as the release of BlackMagic Design’s new Cinema Camera will or can input or output audio, how the BMDCC will change how you style hair, how technology can make acting in a dangerous scene safer through the use of CGI and other new industry developments that arise everyday.

Everything I’ve stated seems common knowledge, but believe me, many new people in the industry and a few veterans haven’t updated their toolkits and aren’t familiar with the changing landscape of the industry. Things are ever evolving and it’s our job to change and keep up as well.

Action Point:
Now is the time to dust of the old ways, build new skills or update the old ones. Check out what conferences are happening in your industry and attend them. Be a part of what’s happening, instead of letting life happen to you. Make it a goal to attend at least one conference a year.

National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in Las Vegas, Nevada is coming up next, will you be joining me there?

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12 Goals on 12-12-12 for the new year



Today is 12-12-12, what are you doing to make it special?

I thought about it for awhile and want to do something that would last for the entire year. I want something that was not  for an evening but something that would actually make a difference in my life and other’s as well. It’s an unusual date and to commemorate this date I want to set 12 goals for the new year for myself. And what better way to approach goal setting then to hold yourself accountable by putting your goals out to you the readers of this blog.

So here goes my 12 goals for the new year:

  1.  Uplevel my business with my new mentor
  2. Finish the details for my two books and get them ready for  publication
  3. Double my involvement with my charities, and start my on charitable efforts
  4. Take more vacations (Yes that’s right, I need to plan some relaxation time with all of the goals I plan to achieve.
  5. Create a workshop/seminar for new freelancers
  6. Use more recycled products in my business
  7. Offset my carbon footprint
  8. Increase the number of books I read
  9. Attend more conferences
  10.  Network more with like-minded individuals ( A few months ago I joined the NAPW- National Association for Professional  Women. I’m looking forward to getting to know the group better in my local chapter.
  11.  Launch physical products that benefit social and environmental issues
  12.  Meditate, journal and be in harmony more with myself


Thanks for being a part of my goal setting session for next year. I’m looking forward to making changes that will not only do myself some good but others as well.

Please feel free to connect with me and let me know if you plan to make any goals for the new year. Let me know how I can help you reach new heights in your business.


Check out this other articles and find out what others are doing on this memorable day.

Photocredit: Simon Howden

Success Saturday


Part 3 – Procrastination R.I.P.

Procrastination R.I.P.

You made it to Part 3 of Kill Procrastination.  Congratulations. It’s not easy to keep up the momentum. But you did and I am happy you made it here.

So let’s dive right in and get to what needs to be done today.


Now that you have made your list, it’s time to organize it and get it ready for following in an easy format. Because once everything is organized it’s easier to follow what comes next on the list and do it.

Look at each task and put it in a logical sequence. Let’s take creating your publicity campaign for instance. I’m going to create a random list of 3 items and then arrange them and explain how I did it.

Here is the random list.

1. Submit your press release.

2. Create a business bio.

3. Make a list of places you want publicity.

Here is the correct format for organizing these 3 items.

1. Create a business bio.

2. Make a list of places you want publicity.

3. Submit your press release.

Let’s look at number one. It’s important to create your business biography because it helps determine your business standpoint. It encompasses your industry, awards, contact information and product and services. Obviously there is more to it than this but for the purpose of this blog let’s keep it simple.

Number two is researching your list of places that you want exposure. Let’s take a children’s author as our case study. This particular author’s research list should be comprised of youth related places, such as Mommy’s groups, children’s bookstores, and toy stores. Therefore it makes sense to organize your list with the biography first, then pull your focus information from there, and lastly, determine where your publicity should be placed.

Your last item on this list, is submitting your press release about your product or service to the places you have researched. In this case we will use the children’s author again to make it easier to understand how everything fits in to place.  The author or publicist will send the press release in a timely manner to the mommy’s groups, children’s bookstores and toy stores. There is more to just sending out the press release but this gives you an idea of what to do, why you do and how to organize your workflow.

Once you have the organization of your list, break the items in to small achievable tasks to ensure following through on the activity. If you make your task too big you will feel overwhelmed. It you make the tasks too small it will take a long time to reach your goal. Finding a balance is what makes it manageable to kill your procrastination.

Once you have your organization list ready, contact me for how to get your publicity campaign underway. I look forward to the opportunity to help you achieve your greatness.

Thanks for taking this three-part journey with me on how to kill procrastination and jumpstart your workflow.I would love to hear your ideas about how you killed procrastination. Leave me a comment with your thoughts and stories.

Keep publicizing your passion! 


Memoriam by Simon Howden

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Part two – Kill off procrastination

Make a list.

Welcome back to kill off procrastination! It’s part two of how to get moving forward, get things done and stop procrastinating.

Here  is a quick recap of Part one, I talked about if you procrastinate, then you need to do one small thing to get you going, because motivation follows action and kills procrastination. (Read the post of Part One here.)

To get you even further down the road to ending procrastination is making a schedule. Creating a schedule eliminates the “What’s Next Syndrome”,  which happens after you have put forth the effort and completed the one thing that you have been putting off for ages.

So first things first, write down all of the steps big or small and just create a list. You don’t have to get super detail oriented at this point. Just create the list. That is your job for day two.

I’m going to stop here and let you catch up on what it is you need to do. So go and make the list. Are you making your list yet?

If you are writing a book maybe you need to get research. Make a list of topics for the book that you need to get it going. If you are trying to save money, make a list of all the things you can do with out or cut back on. If you are looking for publicity for your product, make a list of all the places that you want to be seen. Get the idea?

Here is my action point for killing off procrastination. Yes I sometimes procrastinate. It was a learned behavior from my childhood. What can I say? But it’s one that I struggle with because there are so many things in life that I enjoy experiencing that I get side tracked. Like crafting, and reading, creating styles for new photo shoots, writing stories for my comic ,and well, you get the idea. I like to do stuff, not just sit around. But as a result I procrastinate because I think just 5 more minutes on this project, which then turns into 50 minutes and BAM! I run out of time and put off doing what I should have been doing in the first place.

So making the list is crucial. Because if you have broken the tasks into small pieces you can focus on the one item to finish and still get moving forward AND be able to do all the fun things that might get you sidetracked.

So on my list of things to do is reorganize the chapters for my book. A big task, but I’m breaking it down into smaller bite size portions so I can handle it. It’s not easy running multiple companies.  I break things down into small projects, so I don’t feel overwhelmed.

Completing a task, whether big or small, makes you feel good.  And when you feel good you become motivated to keep going with the end goal in mind.

So keep up the good work, and come back tomorrow for part 3 of Kill procrastination. Tweet me your progress @suzettemariel , I would love to hear from you.

Keep life fabulous, authentic and live in style. 


Photocredit: Making a list by Stuart Miles



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