Are your children safe in the media?

Read the following, and be ready to be shocked:


One of the biggest offenses is attacking children in the media.

Elizabeth Lauten, Communications director for U.S. Rep. Stephen Fincher, publicly scolded President Obama’s daughters, Sasha and Malia for doing what most teenagers would do if they thought something was kind of nonsensical. As a teenager myself once, I remember many times thinking half the stuff my parents did was ridiculous and I’m sure it was clearly demonstrated on my face too. But luckily for me, I wasn’t made headline news for such a display.

One of the biggest offenses in media is attacking children publicly, and privately for that matter too. Anyone in communications should innately know that thinking before you write, is crucial. And anyone who breathes, knows attacking children in anyway is wrong, smacks of being a bully and clearly is demoralizing.

We need to change how we conduct ourselves in the media and how we treat other people. To get a fuller picture of what happened and the details read the articles here:

Lesson 101 for being in the media, is clearly think about the impact of your words before you speak and write, because it leaves a permanent mark. Once your thoughts are out in the public, apologies often times aren’t enough. Posting on a personal social media page doesn’t make your thoughts private, it socializes your thoughts and stirs up emotional frenzy if you write about a taboo topic. There will always be someone who screen captures your thoughts and offers them to the public.

The first rule I believe, is children in the media are always off limits. They didn’t ask for the spotlight and shouldn’t be made public figures or in this case targets because of their parents occupation.

I thought long and hard about whether I should write my thoughts about this situation, and if I were adding to the problem. But the reality is, if we don’t talk about issues that affect us we are all at fault for not standing up and making a change.

Ask better questions of yourself. Better still just be the person you want to encounter in life. Show up as a human being who inspires others.

What would you do if it were your child?

Please share with me your thoughts about children in the media and whether we should enforce media privacy for children.




Casting Notice- MALE ACTORS

Looking for one dark haired male aged 30-40 years old and one light haired male 50-70 years old for principal role in short film, primarily funded by Blackmagic Design and OneRiver Media. More info and updates on Suzette Mariel FB page.

Shoot to be held January 17-18, 2013 with the possibility of one other shoot date TBA. All locations shot within the SF Bay Area.

THIS IS A PAID, NON-UNION JOB. Pay scale is determined by experience. You will receive screen credit and financial compensation.

This film is scheduled for viewing at film festivals, the SF Supermeet, Atlanta Cutters, NAB, Hollywood Post Alliance Tech Retreat, Editor’s retreat in Cancun, Mexico, and various additional workshops and presentations associated with Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera.

Please contact if you are available and interested. Please submit a professional digital headshot, and I will get back to you with an audition time.

Include your name, email address, phone number, website if available, headshot, and a photo that shows your physique, and acting resume.

You may contact Suzette Mariel directly for more information. Subscribe to the Suzette Mariel FB page to follow the updates associated with this film, future projects, events and workshops.

Two words that made me happy to lose my job… Giants Win!

No one knew that the Giants would sweep the World Series after having done so in 2010. But once again the hardworking team gave baseball fans an excuse to party. And as a result I am happy to say that I am out of job and loving it!

It isn’t often that as a freelancer I am happy to be out of work but when you sit back and think about it, there actually are some pretty cool reasons that not working is to your benefit. For example the situation I am facing today.

The San Francisco Giants swept the World Series in Detroit and are not returning to the Bay Area except for the Halloween Victory Parade on November 1st, 2012. And for that sort of publicity, I am not needed. Therefore, out of a job until next baseball season and we start all over again.

For a very long time I have worked with the San Francisco Giants in some form or another and have always eagerly awaited the return of baseball season. I wasn’t always a fan of baseball, but anyone who knows me personally knows how intimate with baseball I have become. (See my bio at for more information about my baseball business.)

Another really cool reason to be out of job as a freelancer is when a film project comes together and the martini shot is in the can.  Who doesn’t love seeing the end result of months and months worth of work?

Furthermore, another reason to be happy to be out of work is to evaluate your next adventure. It’s all about gratitude and seeing things in a positive light. I love that I am out of job because the Giants won.

The phone is ringing, must be my next gig. So much for being out of a job as a freelancer.



Got acting talent? We have a position for you…

Zette Media is working with OneRiver Media to produce a short film and we are looking for talented people.

I was invited to play along with in this secret venture to produce a fun and entertaining piece using a very special camera. (Of which will be revealed after the NDA time frame allows.) Come join us if you have acting skills or crew experience.

We are a proud supporter of the MMTB- Making Movies Throughout the Bay Area. If you aren’t familiar with MMTB check out my profile here and be a part of the experience.

MMTB is also in need of funding. If you like independent film and appreciate our local talent of cast and crew donate what you can for a great cause. Here is the link: MMTB  Funding Campaign


What I’m looking for:

1 Male actor needed for 6PM call tonight. Age 25-65 to play German Police Officer. A few spoken lines. Location: Walnut Creek, CA

1 Makeup Assistant- preferably with makeup kit and experience doing light hair.

1 Wardrobe Stylist- preferably with kit and some experience.

Compensation: lo/pay, meal provided, single screen credit, press release, behind the scenes photos, footage for your demo reel, blog post article with link to your personal website.

Contact: Suzette Mariel or call 415-608-9713


photocredit: Filmstrip by pixbox77

Creative Closeup- Behind the Scenes

It’s been a goal of mine to shoot a series. And today that goal came true. I won’t reveal all of the details but I will tell you that it feels amazing to check off a goal that has been in the works for years. I met with solo entrepreneur, Joy Light of Joy Hand Painted Silk from Ashland, Oregon.

We talked about the greatness of being an independent business owner and the trials of being on the road promoting your business. Joy creates some of the most amazing silk creations on this planet. In fact her creations are so awesome she named her blog Planet Joy to house all of the greatness that comes from creating. Check out her behind the scenes information and upcoming events at

Joy and I had a great time on set and we met lots of great people at the festival. The fun had to end sometime, since there is so much post production that needs attention. I have all of the editing to do, music to choose, an intro to shoot, VoiceOver talent to acquire and lots of other production tidbits to arrange. But starting is the hard part. And today I moved past that hurdle to push forward to a new frontier. To boldly go down a path that I haven’t taken before. And it has me walking on clouds.

Check back for more information on my journey with Joy and future updates on the show. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions about production, or anything at all for that matter. Leave a comment below or tweet me @suzettemariel .



Spotlight- The Kimono Collection


During my Chicago work trip I had a chance to visit the Art Institute of Chicago. One of the exhibits I had the pleasure to view was The Japanese Kimono Collection.

Kimono literally means “thing one wears, or thing to wear.” I would definitely wear any of the kimonos I saw displayed if my lifestyle could work around it! Each kimono was exquisite and intricately designed.









Advisory Warning- Gold Jewelry

Thanks for coming and checking out my post today. I have been quite busy and will catch up soon with my latest trip to Houston, Texas for a shoot, as well as a few other shoots that happened in between time.

In the mean time I came across something that I thought was important to share regarding gold jewelry. We all love adornment and gold jewelry whether it’s white, yellow or the increasingly popular rose gold. The problem with this fabulous adornment is women have been targeted as easy money thefts.

With gold prices steadily on the rise, women who wear gold jewelry have become the target of thieves. According to ABC news, women wearing gold jewelry while waiting for BART (similar to the subway) are easy targets for thieves to grab their jewelry and run. Check out the video link for the direct news source here: I’m not sure if this is happening with frequency in other cities but anywhere you are its important to spread the word to your female relatives and friends.

My warning to my female friends is to scale back the amount of gold you are wearing that is visible, stay alert to dangerous situations, travel with a companion if possible, avoid large crowds without security, wear jewelry beneath clothes, keep your mobile phone close at hand to call for help.  Be safe my friends!

Photo credit: Kittikun Atsawintarangkul

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