Monday Makeup Review- Hempz Body Butter

Product Review: Hempz Body Butter

Hempz Body Butter

Hands are a vital part of a makeup artist’s service for her clients. Taking care of your hands is important and having soft, hydrated hands when applying makeup is most important when touching the face. Knowing this, I thought it very important to look for a product that would be good for personal use as well as for the makeup kit and the manicurist kit as well. I wash my hands a lot and this is one of the only products that keep my hands soft, smooth, and hydrated after repeated hand washing.

I have used other Hempz Brand products and love the feel and richness of the product. This particular product, the body butter is a thick crème intended for ultra hydrating and moisturizing dry rough patches of skin. I love using it on hands and feet. It is a light white-yellow color and has a very fresh clean scent. It is especially great for the manicurist/makeup artist kit because the scent isn’t over powering. The scent is comprised of Cucumber, Jasmine, Passion fruit, Plumeria and Violet. It also contains Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil and of course the infamous Cannabis Sativa Seed extract, better know as Hemp Seed extract. The Hemp Seed used is 100% organic which is great since there a very few products out on mass market that have this claim. It is THC free, which is the psychoactive element in cannabis, therefore this product is completely safe and albeit edgy to those who may play it safe in life and fear trying the product because of its name and contents.

The ingredients in this product work together nourishing extremely dry skin without feeling greasy or heavy. It’s a great product in the winter when skin is really in need of extra hydration. If your skin is constantly fighting the dryness battle then you will want to use this year round. I tend to use it more for the hands and feet during summer and all over body use during the winter months. In the summer to keep my manicure and pedicure fresh looking this product does wonders for hydrating the cuticle without dulling the shine of the polish. Anyone who invests time and money on a manicure and or pedicure knows that using the right product that won’t destroy the shine of a newly applied polish will love this body butter.

A little of this product goes a long way because it spreads so easily and is very thick and creamy. It comes in a nice handy travel size (that I use in my kit), which is the 1.5 ounce or the back bar size in 8 ounces. The eight-ounce size I have at home for personal use lasts a long time and I haven’t finished going through the whole jar yet. It’s been approximately 7 months and I have about half a jar remaining. So you can see that a little really does go a long way.

This product can be used with both male and female clients, although some male clients might feel the scent is too much for their masculinity. The good thing is the scent doesn’t last long. Most of my male clients haven’t had a problem with it but every once in a while I do have someone ask about the scent. I do however, usually tend to choose products that do not have scents for this reason. But because this product works so well I give it a thumbs up for efficacy for both male and female.

**SPECIAL NOTE FOR MANICURISTS** This product can help eliminate a step and hydrate the cuticle bed without adding the oil if you are pressed for time. But remember you still have to prep the nail before applying the polish. Recommend this product to your clients and they will love you as well as the product. It’s that good!

Verdict: Keep, love and recommending it.

Thanks to One River Media for photographing this product. For more information about this company go to Tell them I sent you!


Monday Makeup Review- Sally Hansen High Def Nail Color

Makeup Monday Product Review for Professional Makeup Artists

Review for Sally Hansen High Definition Nail Polish

I love the way polished nails add a finished look to any outfit. And trending right now is bright nails for summer. I saw the Sally Hansen High Def nail polish and thought the bright yellow would be a good addition to my polish collection. Sure this product has been out since 2009 but a good product is still a good product, right??

Sally Hansen makes a good medium priced polish that is widely available so I thought this product would be good for review. First off you must be wondering how a nail polish can be High Definition? The short and long answer is “It’s the color”.  All the high definition shades produced by Sally Hansen give a bright true color for each shade. What you see in the bottle is truly what you get on your nails.

The product is a thin lacquer that goes on smooth. To achieve an even manicure, apply a minimum of two coats. Now for the really important part that I didn’t do, USE a basecoat! So do as I say and not as I did. Unfortunately I was so enthralled by the color that I immediately put the polish on and fell in love with the color and I kept polishing each nail instead of stopping, starting over and using a basecoat. Despite the lack of basecoat, I did achieve a brilliant color and manicure. It is long wearing and doesn’t chip easily. To ensure a good long wear, I would suggest for every manicure, apply a top coat.

Verdict: Keep, Love and buying more!

Thanks to OneRiver media for their fabulous photography! Visit them at !

Monday Makeup Review- Kiehl’s Creme de Corps

Monday Makeup Review for Professional Makeup Artists and Makeup Lovers

Review: Kiehl’s Crème de Corp

If you have never tried the Crème de Corp body lotion, then you are definitely missing out. I tried this for the first time a few years ago, and never really spread the news about this product. It’s one of those underrated, top performing products that people use, know it works great, but forget to share the information once they walk out of their front door.

The product is an all over body moisturizer that can be used at anytime during the day, after bath, shower, hand washing or before bed.  It has a slight thick butter consistency that smoothes over the skin and deeply hydrates. It feels silky smooth when you apply it and leaves the skin feeling soft. It’s unscented which is always one of those great elements, especially if you like to wear perfume without competing with a moisturizer’s fragrance. It is great for the makeup artist ki,t because the product is unscented and won’t cause fragrance overload with the clients in your chair. It leaves the skin with a nice soft hydrated appearance with out feeling or looking greasy or shiny. It does leave a subtle sheen to the skin but not enough for it to show up shiny on camera. Remember, no shine means a happy camera man and a happy director!

After using this product for years I have noticed that my hands and body have changed in texture for the better. After repeated use you will notice that any roughness and dryness will disappear with continued use. One of the ingredients that I feel straight away when applying is the Shea Butter. Shea Butter is known for its moisture retention properties, healing properties and is used on both hair and skin. There are a few different oils in this blend such as Avocado Almond, Olive and Sesame oil of which, soothe, soften and moisturize dry skin.

Although there are lots of good products in this blend, there are also some bad ones, Propylene Glycol, Methylparaben and Butylparaben. If you aren’t familiar with these I will quickly give you the information on what does what. Propylene Glycol is a petroleum derivative that keeps things from drying out and is a known skin irritant. Methylparaben is generally used as a preservative and is believed to be an endocrine disrupting substance. Butylparaben is also a preservative and is believed to be a hormone disrupting substance as well as a human skin toxicant. Now before you get worked up over my statements, its important to realize that the Food and Drug Administration has set guidelines for amounts that are safe for usage in food and cosmetics. Although many people disagree with some FDA findings, it is good to have the facts and determine where you stand on the issue about products. 

Now having said all that I still like the product for what it does and the change in the condition of my skin. But to be clear I am careful of ensuring that my toothpaste does not have parabens. I have drawn the line at topical usage is deemed acceptable at the moment but not acceptable for consumption. I try lots of different products and my thoughts may change as I try new products.

Now that I have really gone off on a tangent, back to reviewing the product. If you are dissatisfied with the condition of your skin and really want to make a change, then this is the product for you. It delivers its promise on changing your skin condition, texture and hydration level in a few as 10 days with consistent use.

The product is offered in 5 different sizes that range from travel size to back bar size. There is a price point for all pocket books so I suggest you give it a try and see the change in your skin for yourself. Let me know what you think. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Verdict: Keeping it for personal use and in the makeup kit.

Monday Makeup Review – Makeup Remover Wipe

Product –

Make-up Cleansing Tissues by Absolute! Vitamin C Extract and 

Make-up Cleansing Tissues by Absolute! Green Tea Extract

If you wear makeup, then of course you need to take it off, at sometime or another. Always on the search, for an easy way to remove makeup for my clients as well as myself, I found a new company called Absolute! They sell two different options, of the make up cleansing wipe, Vitamin C Extract or Green Tea Extract. The Vitamin C Extract has an orange – lemon scent and the Green Tea Extract smells like subtle green tea with a hint of jasmine.

The product claims to thoroughly remove eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick, blush and waterproof mascara without causing irritation. The company didn’t mention anything about removing foundation, and I’m not sure why they hadn’t thought to include foundation removal. The wipe is about 5×7 in size, which is large enough to remove a full face of makeup. The wipe itself is actually really soft and both scents are wonderful. So far the product seems good.

The first wipe I tried was the Vitamin C Extract and it removed foundation, lipstick and blush really well. It did not however remove my eyeliner or waterproof mascara without a serious struggle. I tried circular motion, back and forth in a straight line and came away with a big mess around my eye. It removed only about 40 percent of my eye makeup, which mainly included the eye shadow and still left a lot of dark residual liner and mascara. Needless to say I was not happy. What I thought was to be a quick makeup removal process turned into an ordeal involving eye makeup remover AND a separate makeup cleanser to get a clean face.

The Vitamin C Extract makeup remover wipe I believe is only good for people who are light makeup wearers and those who don’t wear makeup but want to refresh their face throughout the day. This is not a product that I will carry in my kit for professional use. But I do think it is suitable for refreshing throughout the day. My suggestion for this one is keep it in the beach bag or the gym bag for days you don’t have much makeup to remove.

Still on the quest for a good makeup remover wipe a few days later I tried the Green Tea Extract cleaning wipe. You might wonder why I tried the Green Tea Extract makeup cleansing tissue, after knowing the Vitamin C Extract tissue didn’t meet my requirements for removal. Well, let me shed some light on the reason for you. Every product is not made the same. More often than not it isn’t just the scent that makes the formulation of a product change. Manufacturers also change the ingredients and the ratio of products.

Strangely enough, that is exactly what happened with this product. The Green Tea Extract works wonders for removing all face makeup, including waterproof mascara without a struggle and without irritation and the scent is heavenly! It’s a keeper and made up for the double face cleaning duty I had to perform a few days ago. One piece of advice I want to share, is after using the makeup wipe rinse your face with water to remove any cleansing residue from wipe. Your face will feel clean and prepared for the remainder of your beauty regimen.

This is a keeper for both my professional kit as well as for personal use when I travel. (Just to be clear about this, I have not accepted any type of compensation for this review.)

Verdict: It’s a no go on the Vitamin C Extract wipe except for the beach and the gym.

 Keep, love, buying more of the Green Tea Extract, so those of you I work with, you have a choice of the unscented makeup remover wipe of the Green Tea Extract.









Monday Makeup Review-“Chanel Exceptionel Mascara”

Chanel Exceptionel Mascara performs it’s magic!

Lately I have been on a quest to find my favorite mascara and I have gone through half a dozen in the past week alone. My other mascara makeup review yielded a good product but I need something that works with disposable brushes, which led me to purchase another product to see if it would get the job done.

Exceptionnel de Chanel Mascara is the latest review worthy product of the week.   I’ve tried Chanel products before and love the quality, colors, and performance which makes this mascara particularly special to review.  This products claims to lengthen, separate, volumize, curl, is water resistant and flake free. Whenever a product claims to do so many things I am immediately skeptical and feel compelled to check out the facts. So here is my latest fact checking post…

Lengthen- Yes it lengthens and has buildable coverage that makes your lassh long and your eyes sparkle. I like what it does so far but let’s keep checking…

Volumize- Yes! The product creates a plumping effect on the lashes individually without clumping or causing the lashes to stick together. Overall the lashes look lush and full and this is with one application initially and then I tried it again with two applications of mascara. So glad there is no clumping, Chanel is staying in line with producing a quality product.

Curl- The masacara does give a slight curling uplift to my lashes without having to use a lash curler.

Water resistant- it does resist water from both a casual occurrence such as rain and a deliberate action such as splashing the face. (I wouldn’t swim in this makeup. It won’t stay on. I tried rinsing one eye with water and it smeared which it should since it is not claiming to be waterproof, it is only claiming to be water resistant. I will cover the debate between waterproof and water resistant and regular mascara and their purpose in a different post.)

Flake free- The formula hasn’t flaked, smudged, or left residual product on my eyelids from blinking or rubbing.

Removing the product takes only a minimal amount of effort which is nice because the less tugging and pushing on the eye the better it is in the long run to keep the skin taut, firm and line free. This is definitely a great product for a professional makeup kit since there is minimal amount of work required for removing the product at the end of a shoot if necessary.

The color I tried is a deep black, but it is available in three colors, Smoky Noir 10, Smoky Brun 20 or Smoky Marine 30. (There used to be a fourth color the Smoky Plum but they discontinued it, which is really sad because it was a really pretty color and would make brown eyes lighten and stand out.)  The mascara has a smooth creamy consistency that yields a nice soft but dramatic look to the eye. The product applies the same with the brush provided in the tube as well as the disposable brushes which is a plus. I am using the really fat disposable brushes, not the square head brushes, and this makes a difference with application. I just wanted to point that out.

There have been numerous claims that the mascara dries quickly and dries out quickly. You absolutely must close the tube tightly to keep the product creamy. If you purchased a tube that is clumpy before using it once or if it seems dry before using it, you have a defective product and should return it. Yes the product does dry quickly on the eyes which is a good thing because this is how you create buildable coverage. Letting your mascara dry in between coats helps volumize and thicken the lashes, but be careful when adding layers so you don’t create clumps. It takes a skillful hand to add layers without clumps. Thus one of the reasons so many people complain that their mascara is clumpy. Two coats of this can go on with no clumping if you take the time to apply it carefully.

The price is high for this product but it delivers what it says it will deliver. After all it is Chanel and they are known straight away for a high price tag.  So if you have the cash then by all means get this mascara, it’s a great one.

VERDICT: Purchasing one for the kit and keeping one for myself.

Monday Makeup Review-PTR Lashes to Die For MASCARA

Monday Makeup Review for Professional Makeup Artist and Makeup Lovers

Review: Lashes to Die For THE MASCARA –Peter Thomas Roth

I bought the PTR kit Wink and a Kiss set for $65.00 but really wanted to review each item separate so today I am concentrating on just the mascara because there was a lot to cover here with just this one product.

It has long been said that the eyes are the window to the soul. And if that is the case the lashes are the velvet curtains we want framing that window.  Initially I thought this was just another mascara, but what I discovered, is this formula really does give you “Lashes to Die For”. Don’t get this confused with the product Lashes to Die For which claims to dramatically enhance natural lashes over time with the use of the product.

Lashes to Die For-THE MASCARA is a deep intense BLACK, Jet Black to be exact as it is labeled on the product. It has a smooth consistency typical of other mascaras but what is different is the formula. The product claims to be:

Clump Free

Provide even separation

Dramatic length

Enhanced curl

Soft Lashes

Buildable drama

Quick drying


Long lasting


With all of these claims I had to put it to the test. So here is my analysis of each claim.

Clump free- Yes and No. If you apply it carefully it is clump free. I tried this product using disposable mascara wands AND the wand that came with the product. Obviously as a working professional I use disposable on my clients and this is primarily how I will use it. With the provided applicator it was clump free on one eye and slightly clumpy on the other eye using the disposable wands.

Even separation-I do believe that it provided even separation using the provided wand. But not so much for the disposable wand.

Dramatic Length-Yes for both.

Enhanced Curl- Yes for both although using a lash curler would make more curl than what I got just using the product.

Soft Lashes- Hmmm…I really had to think about this one because putting a product on your lashes coats them and therefore it really isn’t soft. I have to disagree with this one. I will say that throughout the day they didn’t feel hard as a rock like other brands. But soft I have to disagree with.

Buildable drama-I wholeheartedly agree with this. The product performs great in this department. You can layer it on but I suggest not more than a couple of coats unless you are using the brush that comes with the product.

Quick drying- Yes. It really is quick drying. I noticed that right away. It’s shall we say Fast and Furious Quick!

Smudgeproof- Yes again! Smudgeproof!

Long Lasting- Yes again to this. It stayed all day. I did notice at the end of the day after wearing it for 10-12 hours that there were little flecks that came off on my hands if I touched my lashes. I have sensitive eyes and tend to wipe underneath or near the lashes and noticed that miniscule mascara bits were left behind. So contact wearers be warned!

Water Resistant- Ok so here is were it drove me crazy. It is water resistant. And at the end of the day when I went to take the mascara off it took several eye make up remover applications and lots of rinsing to get a very clean eye. On the one hand that means the mascara is great probably for brides and maybe a rainy day. But knowing a lot of my clients like to take of their makeup after acting it would take longer than what they would feel comfortable sitting around and waiting for to get their eyes to be clean. After a 10 hour day, who wants to wait another 10 minutes to get just the eyes clean?

I want to mention few points about the brush in this mascara. I love the brush. It has two types of bristles, a long set and a short set. The long set is there for lengthening and the short set is there for volumizing. It’s a good combination and would be great if we could buy those in disposable wands. Anybody up for the challenge? Let me know because I would definitely buy a case.

Another point that is important for me to mention. So listen close! There is macadamia nut oil in this product so if you are allergic to nuts be warned! I haven’t heard of any other company using nut oil in a mascara so this is a first for me. But I definitely want to point that out. For that reason alone I have to probably say I won’t keep it in my kit unless I am sure my client does NOT have an allergy to nuts. I don’t want to take that chance. There are a few other key ingredients such as Bamboo, Silk powder, Aloe Vera, Vitamin A, C, and E as well as Pro Vitamin B5. Cosmetically, Pro Vitamin B5 or panthenol as it is also commonly known, is used to soften and aid dryness in hair, skin or nails. Nothing else stands out as a warning factor for allergies that I noticed, but check to make sure for yourself.

So overall it’s great mascara and I have to say that I love it, keeping it BUT only for certain types of shoots and certain clients.

VERDICT: Love it! Keeping it but only for certain things.

A big thank you to OneRiver Media for their photos and use of the studio. Check them out at .

Monday Makeup Review-The Eye Concentrate

Makeup Monday Product Review for Professional Makeup Artists

Review for Crème de la Mer- The Eye Concentrate 

So what’s all the hype about Crème de la Mer? Let’s take a look at The Crème de la Mer product, The Eye Concentrate and how it can be used by professional makeup artists.

The Eye Concentrate is said to hydrate, diminish lines, reduce discoloration and puffiness, smooth out uneven texture and tone. Hydration in the eye area is a important for actresses and models when dealing with close ups. Generally the eye is the first thing we see so it must look amazing. For professional makeup artists purposes its great for hydration but its also great because my high profile clients are familiar with the brand and are comfortable knowing what I use on them, is what many are using at home to keep there eyes in prime condition.

Many of my clients I see in varying degrees so it’s hard to say whether there is an improvement with just the one application they receive from me if they aren’t using this at home on a consistent basis. What I do know as a result of working with many different people and not just celebrities is that everyone has been in favor of The Eye Concentrate.

For those of you who haven’t used this product I will give you a short review. The Eye Concentrate has a pleasant smell, clean and reminiscent of all things oceanic. The texture is light and absorbs fairly quickly. The product is a white cream encased in an airtight dark glass container. It claims to be ultra hydrating. The applicator enclosed with the product feels nice against the eye area especially on a hot, dry day and protects skin against dragging or pressing too hard with your fingers. Over time on a personal level I have noticed a difference in hydration, diminished lines and a smoother texture around my eye. Now remember, this is my opinion of the product your opinion and results may be different.

The definite subtle scent is good for your makeup case when keeping in mind your clientele can be very sensitive to overpowering smells.  I generally try to keep all the products in my kit consistent with the fragrance free or light scent rule.

Now I will share my pet peeve about the product.  The applicator is great for personal use, but awful for multiple client use. I use disposable applicators when pulling from the jar or a sanitized metal spatula. On a personal note I suggest keeping the applicator in some sort of enclosed container to protect it against contamination and dirt. The applicator really should have come with some sort of protective case given the purchase price.

Now let’s discuss the price. Everyone always has something to say about how much it costs. On the average it is $165.00 for a .5 oz container. Yes it is a lot to spend at one time for the average person to spend on beauty products.  For those who are using the product on a personal basis, consider this, if you are using a .5 oz jar that is $40.00 each month, then essentially you are using the same amount as what it takes me to go through a personal jar of The Eye Concentrate and equates to $41.25 per month. There is the difference of the $1.25 extra per month for which in my mind is the cost of the applicator that still should have come with an enclosed container, but I digress… So does this fit in your budget?  And will it do what you need done? Those are the questions you need to ask yourself. For me, it fits my budget, my clients love it and it does what I need, so it is staying in my kit. Love it, keeping it!

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