Are you wearing red Feb 1st? You should and here’s the reason why…



February 1st, 2013, is the kick off date for Go Red for Women Day and what better way to bring awareness to National Heart Disease Awareness month, than to wear a color associated with hearts. Show your support, wear red and decide how you can get involved, and let others know you have made the choice to promote awareness and educate in your own way.

Check out these documentaries on Heart Disease and see what filmmakers and others in the creative industry are doing to raise awareness.

Documentaries/Videos on Heart Disease:

Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America

The Last Heart Attack

Open Heart

Here is a Director’s Cut version of

Just a little heart attack

Websites for more in formation on Heart Disease

Check out the what’s happening on twitter:




Check out what’s happening on Pinterest:


Share what you are wearing to support National Heart Disease Awareness

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5 great ways to start the marketing of your film


Film slate

I just finished 2 days of shooting a short film I co-directed and produced with OneRiver Media and prior to shooting I did some research to decide how best to market my film. Big name production companies have full PR/marketing departments to get the word out and create buzz for their project, but small indie films like mine have to do it all themselves. For a start here are five great ways to begin marketing your film.

1. Logo – Capture the essence of your film with a great logo. Never underestimate the power of a logo to create a visual identity that the audience will connect with. It must be something that immediately strikes a chord in the heart of the moviegoer. Pay close attention to colors that will make an impactful statement. Think of red for horror movies and blue tones for action movies.

Check out American Horror Story and their use of red in their logo. The use of red adds the element of blood and violence to its logo.

On the lighter side of things look at how Ice Age chose to use blue in its logo to define the edges and added a 3D effect to the font. The color capitalizes on the theme of water, hence the use of blue.

For more in formation about the uses of color, view this link

2. Trailer – Your trailer should be, in a few words, DRAMA, COMEDY, TENSION and MEMORABLE. Creating a trailer for your short film is one of the most crucial elements toward marketing your film. What you include and what you leave on the cutting room floor will determine if your audience will hand over their hard earned cash to see what you have to offer. Know specifically what category your film belongs to and cut the trailer towards that end result. Add key words from the movie that give the audience something to connect with and couple it with high impact scenes and you will have yourself something worth viewing.

3. Print/Marketing materials – Most movies have print and other types of marketing materials to create visuals that coincide with the film. Indie films should be no different in this respect. Create postcards, posters, stickers, standees or whatever to get the word out about your film. Create some promotional giveaways to entice viewers to connect with your social media and follow the films progress. Which brings me to, the use of social media for film.

4. Social Media Vimeo/YouTube – Creating attention online is a great way to gain attention and attract followers to your film. The big three, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are always a good start to get the marketing ball rolling. However there are more social media outlets available to garner attention. Check out the following and see how they might contribute to your marketing potential: Vimeo, Pinterest, Google+, Foursquare, Tumblr and Instagram.

5. Forums/ Groups/ Networks – The marketing fun doesn’t stop at social media. If you belong to any forums, online industry groups or online networks, these places are a great way to share your film. But a word of advice, don’t spam the groups with blatant promotional posts and links. Find a more subtle way to educate and entertain your colleagues by creating posts that share what your learned or challenges you had to get them interested in what’s on screen as well as behind-the-scenes. LinkedIn has a variety of groups available in the filmmaking community, as does Facebook. Choose groups that closely resemble the niche that you are involved with. Be active in the group and support other filmmakers works. Grow your network through engagement rather than solely relying on self promotion.

So there you have it, a quick sure fire way to start promoting your film.  I’d love to hear what you are doing to be creative in your endeavors, leave a comment or questions. Contact me for a setting up a private consultation to strategize for your film.


Go forth and be creative!



Image credit: Posterize


Promotional poster of American Horror Story.

Promotional poster of American Horror Story. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Casting Notice- MALE ACTORS

Looking for one dark haired male aged 30-40 years old and one light haired male 50-70 years old for principal role in short film, primarily funded by Blackmagic Design and OneRiver Media. More info and updates on Suzette Mariel FB page.

Shoot to be held January 17-18, 2013 with the possibility of one other shoot date TBA. All locations shot within the SF Bay Area.

THIS IS A PAID, NON-UNION JOB. Pay scale is determined by experience. You will receive screen credit and financial compensation.

This film is scheduled for viewing at film festivals, the SF Supermeet, Atlanta Cutters, NAB, Hollywood Post Alliance Tech Retreat, Editor’s retreat in Cancun, Mexico, and various additional workshops and presentations associated with Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera.

Please contact if you are available and interested. Please submit a professional digital headshot, and I will get back to you with an audition time.

Include your name, email address, phone number, website if available, headshot, and a photo that shows your physique, and acting resume.

You may contact Suzette Mariel directly for more information. Subscribe to the Suzette Mariel FB page to follow the updates associated with this film, future projects, events and workshops.

Birthday wishes


It’s December the time of giving, gifting, gratitude and well if I must say, my birthday. (December 4th). Every year I like to give back on my birthday because I receive so much throughout the year, so I like to spread the love.

This year I’m sending an orphanage ten pairs of shoes, and creating a special luxury soap to benefit families displaced by Hurricane Sandy, and sending gifts for the youth at Homeless Youth Alliance.

If you are inclined to help please contact me and let me know which service project you chose for donation.

Please send HYA a donation in lieu of birthday gifts. Thanks so much to everyone who has continued to support this wonderful organization this year and in previous years. It truly makes for a wonderful birthday gift.

Homeless Youth Alliance
1696 Haight Street
San Francisco, Ca 94117
Attn:Mary Howe
Suzette Mariel’s bday wish

Homeless Youth Alliance
POB 170427
San Francisco, Ca 94117


It’s good to be rebellious

Meet Lisa Marie Selow. Author of A Rebel Chick’s Mystic Guide to Life



Looking for a new way to experience all the great things life has to offer? Want to live life on your own terms? That is exactly what author, rocker and person extraordinaire Lisa Selow has done, and she will help you to carve your own path out of life too. So put down that donut or take it with you but head over to Lisa's link and get more info on her book. I'm sharing this info with you because as a corporate rebel I know how hard it can be to navigate the waters. This book will help you rock and roll to the other side of those tumultuous waters. Below is a link to get more info on Lisa as well as a link to purchase her book. #positive influence #goodrebel @lisaselow

Available on:

Barnes & Noble:

Hay House, Inc.:



Facebook Fan Page:




If you can read this you are fortunate. Help others read, here’s how…

quote by Mark Twain

You are one of the fortunate people that can pick up a book, newspaper even a can of food and know what the label says. Reading is more that just learning it is imperative for life in today’s hectic age.

On occasion I feature a blog post called Sunday school books, a review about books that enhance my life as a solo entrepreneur. Ever since I was a small child I have always loved to read. My favorite gifts during the holidays and birthdays were books of all kinds, Scifi, classics, mythology, comics, and business books. I have never remembered a time when I couldn’t read or when I struggled to read. I was lucky. Looking back at my childhood I was fortunate to have learned to read. This gift expands everyone’s knowledge base and skill set.  Knowing how 26 letters are put together in different sequences and the ability to speak what is written can change lives. With that said I encourage everyone to read just a little bit more.

But imagine not knowing what signs say, or what the label states in front of you or the proper dosage on a medicine bottle. Now imagine going through life feeling ashamed because of your reading ability or lack thereof. This thought is what prompted me to take some action.

As a solo entrepreneur it’s important for me to give back in a way that is meaningful to me, hence helping children learn to read better. Two charities that I have come across that really make use of teaching children the importance of reading are:

If you are interested in another organization that helps light readers connect with books, check out World book Night USA. You can read about my experience with world book night here: Blog post 1 WBN and / or Blog post 2 WBN

To learn more about World book night visit their website here (World Book Night USA) to become a volunteer for next year.

To learn more about World book night UK/Ireland visit their website here (World Book Night UK/Ireland)


I will be holding a new and lightly used book drive to donate to Oakland Children’s Hospital, Homeless Youth Alliance and additional charities that foster the spirit of reading for children.


Details: Books should be in very good condition, no rips, no pages written on and should be for children between the ages of 3-17 years of age. If you are local feel free to contact me for the drop off point. Otherwise if you are interested in mailing your parcel send to Zette Media at P.O.B 2698 Danville, Ca 94526 Attn: charity book drive

I am running this book drive through the end of August 2012. This should give plenty of time for participation and to ask any question you may have.

If you are unable to donate books, another way you can help is to tweet this blog post or share on other social media to make it a success. Thanks for participating in your own way. Every little bit helps, I truly appreciate it and the kids you help will too.

Please feel free to use the hashtags to get the message out.

#charity #bookdrive #authors #book #giveback #kids #philanthropy



Book Tour Promotion – Lili’s Strawberry House Book

Lili’s Strawberry House

One of the greatest things in the world is to see a child’s face light up with enjoyment because of a book. Today I had the pleasure of producing Lili’s Strawberry House Book tour event with the Iron Horse Mother’s Group in San Ramon, California.

Book author, Sahar Berjis is a registered dietician in private practice and has written a delightful children’s book. The book is about a little girl who delights in fruits and vegetables that she grows in the garden. The story takes us on a nutrition journey through the eyes of a child.

Following the book reading, the attendees for the event were entertained with several activities promoting nutrition, healthy eating and just plain fun. Four signed books were given away at the event and autographed to make the book more memorable for each child.

To learn more about the book Lili’s Strawberry House visit the highlighted link. The book is available for purchase through Amazon or your local bookstore or through the link provided on the website.

If you are interested in activities or recipies related to the book connect with the author on Pinterest at this link. (SaharB Pinterest)

Event table

Sahar Berjis, Author at Iron Horse Mother’s Group

Nutrition activity for the event

More fun activities for the event with the author.

Photocredit: Suzette Mariel for Zette Media

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