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Should you blacklist Black Friday?


Gratitude isn’t just a word it’s a lifestyle.

Its Thanksgiving in the United States. And every year we are besieged with ads for clothes, shoes, TVs, sports equipment, kitchen gadgets and stuff for our car. How sad is it that we have become so consumed with the Black Friday sale? We forget Thanksgiving Thursday is for being thankful for what we already have. For spending time with our family and friends.

Spend today being thankful for the daily freedoms. Gratitude for clean air, water, laughter, smiles from a stranger, meeting someone special who will change your life, lasting friendships and sharing stories that inspire and uplift people. Reject mass consumerism. Reject living a small unexplored life. Choose everyday to be grateful and do something wonderful for someone that can never be repaid. Live bigger in life.

Today is the day you can live different. Chose to be happy and grateful. Of all the choices you can make, chose something that will make an impact in life instead of impacting your wallet.

If no one tells you today, I’m grateful for you, for showing up and reading my thoughts. Share your gratitude list. I would love to learn how you show up in life.

Live life the way you imagine fully engaged.

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Are your thoughts killing you?

Don't let your thoughts get robbed by negativity!

Don’t let your thoughts get robbed by negativity!

Throughout the day, we have millions of thoughts that take us wildly in many directions. Some of those wild directions are good, and some may be killing your dreams of a great future.

What kinds of thoughts run through your mind on a daily basis? Are your thoughts happy? Sad? Confused? We have all heard of being disciplined, but have you heard of having a disciplined thought life? It’s not something we are generally taught or exposed to in any school system or work environment.

Discipline should run throughout your life, not just your physical habits. Making a plan for your business or your life will lead you in a successful direction as long as you have the discipline to be consistent.

And how do you do that?

Start with where you are. “Take one small thing and decide that you will change it for the better.” Since we’re on the topic of thoughts, start there.

When your thoughts lean toward the negative, immediately reframe and think of the opposite. Don’t let your thoughts rob you of what should be a great life.

What do you do to change your mindset? I would love to know. Share your comments below.


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Take action today! Tomorrow isn’t promised.

Live the imagined life fully engaged.


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Monday Motivation: If you procrastinate then you need this…

If you procrastinate, then what you need is to find the smallest element of what needs to be done, and go do that one small little thing. Push the go button inside yourself.

Push the Go button inside yourself!

Yep, that’s it. Doing the one small thing of what needs to be done is taking action and ending your procrastination. don’t be hard on yourself for not doing more. One action can lead to another, and another. Motivation is what follows action.

It may seem simplistic to just do that one thing. But if you have been putting off change for so long then, doing that one thing may be the catalyst that gets you moving forward.

Unfortunately, there is no way to move forward without taking action.  Take a look at the reasons why you might be procrastinating. Ask your self these questions:

Am I afraid of taking action?

Why am I afraid?

What will change if I do take action?

Is taking action going to make me a better person?

Do I need help from someone who will make me accountable for taking action?

Then ask yourself these questions:

Who can I be if I took action?

How can my life change?

Who will benefit?

Where will I be in five years if I did one small action everyday?

Ok so now that you know the one small thing that you need to do to move forward have you done it?

Go do it now.  Yes now. Every second, every minute you wait doubt creeps in and gets you stuck at the same place you were before you read this post.

Here is a picture of you taking action. Ok sure it isn’t really you. But why shouldn’t it be you taking action?

Getting that one thing done, NOW! Yes!

When you have done this one thing let’s move on to creating the schedule that gets the job done. Part 2 Procrastination- Setting up your schedule for success (this will be posted tomorrow July 10th. Check back then. Thanks!)

Let me know you took action by leaving me a comment. And if you can’t leave a comment, like the post  so I can give you some positive karma.

And if you need a session to help you build a plan for your business let’s get moving and change your world. I help SOLO CEO’s strategize and build better businesses. Tweet me @suzettemariel or visit my Facebook page at Suzette Mariel and access great tips and info for being a SOLO CEO.

Live life fabulous, authentic and with style.


Red Go Button by Nuttakit

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