Sunday School Book Part 2 Fire Starter


Many success books follow a simple formula that start with a plan, give you a reason why you should follow it and tell you to track your progress. The key to Fire Starter is getting in touch with yourself and your purpose. Because when you do the work you love it isn’t hard it’s enjoyable. It is who you are and what you were born to do. My key to success has always been to ask myself better questions. What questions are you asking yourself?

What do you love? What are you passionate about that drives you to spend your day doing it? Does sailing excite you? Then go and explore those oceans. Does cooking light your fire? No pun intended but, if cooking is your passion start that restaurant or catering company. Is it art that makes you wildly excited? Then paint till your soul has put its imagination on canvas.

Live a no holds barred type of life. We only have one life to experience, so there is no reason to hold back and wait for the proper time.

Now I have always been an optimist and love to experience everything life throws my direction. But after reading this book, (of which I still have a bit more to go before being finished) I can tell you my optimism and excitement has quadrupled. I am on Fire because of Fire Starter. As a matter of fact, I’m a blazing inferno erupting from a volcano kind of excitement. Get the picture?

What books are giving you that kind of edge to reach past the limits you set for yourself? Share them with me because that is the life I’m leading and choosing for myself. Looking forward to putting your books on my Sunday School list. Connect with me @suzettemariel on twitter or leave me a comment.



Sunday school book Firestarter Sessions


Sunday School Book-
‘Fire Starter Sessions’ by Danielle LaPorte 333 pages

Reading Danielle LaPorte ‘The Fire Starter Sessions’ . If you don’t know Danielle LaPorte you are missing out in creating your own greatness experience.

Check her out here:

This book will take you from fearful to fearless in no time. And if you already have no fear then it will help you up level your life and business to authentic greatness.

As the CEO of Myself it’s my responsibility for my business’ success and leading a lifestyle of my own creation. So why should I settle for second rate? I don’t, and you don’t have to either. Reading self help success books and having a great team got me to a level in life that is worth living and it will surely step up your game in both life and business.

Once I finish the book I will update you on some of the amazing tasks she has in the book and how they fit in with my solo entrepreneur success plan.

In the mean time here are some great quotes from the book:

Define yourself in your own terms.

Being well rounded is highly overrated.

Becoming you is your purpose.

Let me know about your success books and what I should put on my ‘Must Read’ list. Leave me a comment below, or in Facebook at Suzette Mariel or on twitter @suzettemariel. And yes I’m on Instagram too! My username is SuzMar.

Have a successful and relaxing weekend!


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