Do you let your clients treat you like second hand clothes?

Don't let your friends or clients treat you like second hand clothes!

Don’t let your friends or clients treat you like second hand clothes!


You are valuable and unique and deserved to be treated that way.

But, sometimes we let people cross our boundaries and let them treat us any kind of way because we have a low moment in life and they catch us at a vulnerable time.

But that is no excuse for them to treat you like second hand clothes.

Several years ago, a person I thought was a friend told me that I work in the world of lies, because I work in Television and Film. And they caught me off guard and constantly pushed the LIAR button and continued saying that my work was worthless and made the world a bad place to be. Needless to say, I dumped that person like trash and never looked back.

And that is why it’s important to REFLECT. Sometimes, we allow venomous people in our lives and let them stay there.

Take a moment now, and see who is showing up in your life. Sit back and reflect about how people treat you.

How do the people in your inner circle show up? How do they treat you?

What about the people at work? How do they interact with you?

How do your clients treat you? Do you have a client that uses you for the low paying contract jobs and sends the great high paying exotic location jobs to someone else?

Now of course there are all kinds of reasons why people treat us the way they do. Maybe it’s a bad day for them or things aren’t going as planned and they are stressed and take it out on you. Those moments are temporary and kind of easy to let slide.

And then, there are the hell spawned people. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that spit hellfire words like a bad breath dragon. Those are the ones that need to be emptied from your life.

Pay attention to what you are allowing in your life. Really consider who the people are in your life and keep the great ones and dump the ones that need to grow a better attitude. It’s important to have boundaries and a strong vision for yourself. If you don’t have boundaries create some. It’s that simple. We only have one life, so make yours great and surround yourself with amazing people.



Live the imagined life fully engaged.


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Simple pleasures give you peace of mind in your business day

Simple Pleasures Morning Ritual

Most business days start with emails, phone calls, proposals, and invoices to send out, it’s an overwhelming feeling before your day even gets started. There’s a way to get around the hectic brain overload. It’s something I call simple pleasures.

Are you curious about how to make these simple pleasures work for you in your business? If yes then let’s get started.

Simple business pleasures essentially are finding ways to enjoy the process while focusing on the end result. Here are a few examples about what it means to create the experience of simple pleasures.

Create a ritual that you follow first thing in the morning before starting your business day. Doing something for yourself each day in the morning starts your day off feeling strong and empowered.  Start with your list of tasks that need to be accomplished and grab yourself a tall, sweet and creamy latte while you’re working on your morning routine.  We all know how caffeine can get your day jump started with a jolt. If you need a smoother entry to your day then try a fruit juice or a smoothie. It’s all about creating a simple pleasure that can be introduced in your morning ritual to make you feel strong and empowered.

Another suggestion, is to plan your breaks into your workload. Just before you start a high powered meeting take a break before you start. During the break find a quiet spot with a pleasant atmosphere, and create a sense of well being within yourself and positive focus around the topic of your meeting. This simple pleasure helps build a sense of peace within you before the meeting. It helps you stay on topic and builds a buffer between you and any frustration that may arise during the meeting due to outside sources of stress. Use the memory of the break, to bring yourself back to a state of wellbeing, and carry on with the meeting feeling recharged.

When uploading articles and information to your social media sites choose articles that are in your industry that really speak to you. The simple pleasure of reading a well-written article can spur ideas that generate more business or exposure for you company or product and your audience will like them as well.

Simple pleasures are the key to life but can also be a source of empowerment in business. Find ways to incorporate sources of joy in your work process.


Share with me what you do to create simple pleasures. I can always use some new sources of business pleasure. Tweet me @suzettemariel or share on my Facebook page at


ACTION POINT: Create a morning business ritual and begin your journey to empowerment.



photocredit: Notebook and coffee by Sura Nuaplradid







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