Monday Motivation- Are you wishing?


Stop wishing! Go out there and take action!

Stop wishing.

Start doing.

Have you ever noticed in a conversation a friend says they wish they could do something? And then you catch yourself saying you wish you could do one of your long overdue goals too? It’s a no win conversation that keeps going on and on. Forever.

Get off that crazy conversation roller coaster and “Push the Go Button” inside your self. Jim Rohn an amazing inspirational speaker reminds us that if you are waiting for someone to show up and turn you on, what happens if they don’t show up? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Take some action and get started.

Even if you only take one tiny step in the direction of your goal you are one step closer to getting there. So get out there in the real world and find the book or person that can help you do what you have been wanting to do. Today will go by quickly and you can’t get it back. Start now. Start doing.

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Monday Motivation

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Today you are one day closer to you goal

IF you are working towards it.

Do you have a plan for where you are going?

Do you have a plan for what you want to do?

Take 5 minutes today and think about what your plans are. If you aren’t deciding what you want in life other people will decide for you. This lack of planning will cause  you not  to be in control of your life. Go out and change the way you approach life. It’s your life. You get to decide.

Be different. Take charge and start today. I know you have what it takes. We are all given a talent. See what you can do with that talent and GO share it with the world.




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Get motivated today

Motivate yourself with consistency

It’s Monday and I am in need of motivation. It’s part of the reason why I write this blog on Mondays.

It gets me going in the right direction. When I start off my week on the right path I have a good tendency to stay on it. One of the greatest motivating factors in life is consistency.

Have you ever noticed that when you keep doing something and you have good rhythm and flow you tend to stick with it? Take exercise for instance, the more you do it, the better you feel, the healthier you become and your clothes fit better too. It’s consistency that gets you motivated to keep seeing those results. Once you get consistent, you start to push your limits and set new goals for yourself, which then turns into another level of achievement to use to keep your motivation.

It’s the same thing with those of us in business for ourselves. We get up, review the deadlines for the day, check the email, find out the new events in our industry, contact clients and maybe do a little social media to keep our names out in the atmosphere. Consistently creating good habits is a practice that breeds success.


ACTION POINT: Grab a calendar, your favorite colored pen and circle the date every time you do something in your business and create your visual consistency list.


Keep checking back during the week for more motivating tips and business advice for solo entrepreneurs and freelancers to get you on your path to success.

Tweet me @suzettemariel your motivating success story. And if you are in need of some extra motivation let me know and I will be happy to send some positive motivating vibes your way.



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Press the power button inside yourself


The purpose of life is a life of purpose.
-Robert Byrne

It’s Monday and there are tons of things to be accomplished this week. As I turned on my computer this morning I needed 2 things, a cup of coffee and my motivating purpose. Not just any purpose but the kind of purpose that truly gives your life some meaning.

What’s your purpose today? What inspires you to work harder, to work longer? Is the answer your family or money or the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone today?

Push the power button on and discover your purpose for being your best today.

Monday motivation – The world needs what only you have to offer

The worlds needs what only you have to offer.

Feeling a little down today? Look at the following people who never gave up and reached their dream despite setbacks:

J.K. Rowling author of Harry Potter, was separated and raising a child alone and jobless, became divorced but still pursued her dream of writing and went on to continued success.

Jean-Michel Basquiat – Modern American Artist who battled drug addiction, and homelessness to go on and achieve international artist status.

Jim Carrey (actor) during his teenage years his family slept in their VW van before his rocket to success. Jim Carrey is an actor, comedian, writer, producer and runs his own charity called Better U.

John Woo (Director-Mission Impossible 2 and Face Off) was homeless at age 7. During a fire that broke out on Christmas day it destroyed his home and the homes of 50,000 other residents in China. He still went on despite hardships as a child to become a world famous director of top selling movies.

Paul Roget didn’t go through life broke only miserable until his break through. We all use his product today. At the age of 61 he invented the thesaurus and twelve years later produced the first thesaurus book in print.

Never give up what you are meant to do, there is something the world needs and only you have it.

Sending out my best positive motivation to you to get through today and on to tomorrow and your destiny. Send me a shout out on twitter @suzettemariel and let me know how you get motivated.

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Monday Motivation – Plan your break with a motivation gift

Put in the big rocks first…

When Sunday rolls around it marks the end of the last week and beginning of the new week.  I plan out my week to make sure I put in the big stones (events and priorities) first and then add some of the little pebbles (small tasks and routine chores).

But one thing I have started doing is motivating myself to try something new. Often times we get stuck in a rut. At least I know I do. Working day in and day out the routine feels tiresome. So today on my lunch break I grabbed a new magazine ‘Organic Spa’ that I have never seen before. It’s not on my list for today but I’m putting in my planned motivation break.

Are you curious about what a planned motivation break may be? A planned motivation break is where I give myself a little something to look forward to. A small gift or excursion to get myself motivated to finish the tasks and a way for me to try something new. That is part of my rule, trying something new to get me out of regular routine. It helps break up my usual schedule and gives me a fresh perspective on things when I get back to my regular tasks.

Here is a copy of my planned motivation gift. I skimmed through the magazine to make sure it was something that would actually motivate me to do those tasks on my list. Changing my lifestyle to accommodate organics is what I have chosen to do to cut down on my exposure to chemicals and toxicity. So I thought this would be a great way to find out some new information and stay in alignment with my lifestyle while providing a good motivation tool.

Monday Motivation gift

Thanks for checking out my Monday Motivation post. What do you do to get yourself motivated? I can always use some new motivation tools. Tweet me at @suzettemariel or leave me comment below. I’m looking forward to connecting.

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