Creative Closeup- Behind the Scenes

It’s been a goal of mine to shoot a series. And today that goal came true. I won’t reveal all of the details but I will tell you that it feels amazing to check off a goal that has been in the works for years. I met with solo entrepreneur, Joy Light of Joy Hand Painted Silk from Ashland, Oregon.

We talked about the greatness of being an independent business owner and the trials of being on the road promoting your business. Joy creates some of the most amazing silk creations on this planet. In fact her creations are so awesome she named her blog Planet Joy to house all of the greatness that comes from creating. Check out her behind the scenes information and upcoming events at

Joy and I had a great time on set and we met lots of great people at the festival. The fun had to end sometime, since there is so much post production that needs attention. I have all of the editing to do, music to choose, an intro to shoot, VoiceOver talent to acquire and lots of other production tidbits to arrange. But starting is the hard part. And today I moved past that hurdle to push forward to a new frontier. To boldly go down a path that I haven’t taken before. And it has me walking on clouds.

Check back for more information on my journey with Joy and future updates on the show. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions about production, or anything at all for that matter. Leave a comment below or tweet me @suzettemariel .



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